Week 2 of Marathon training…

Well, I should say week 1, but thankfully I am ahead of the curve with my training as I have completed 2 half marathons this spring.  I gave myself a break, and was supposed to start up strong last week…

A migraine, amidst other “life issues” happened, and I only logged 4 miles of running last week.  Epic fail, why yes.  I had planned on running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, but when a migraine hit me like a Mack truck I was down for the count for a couple days…had planned on running Sunday after my folks left from their weekend visit, and we were hit with crazy storms and a 7+ power outage…yeah, weekend of running was shot. 

Ultimately though, last week taught me a few lessons.  After losing a friend from high school to breast cancer (she was my age-and left 3 young children and a husband behind) I realized just how short life truly is to each one of us.  We all have our bad days, be it work, family, money, you name it…but if we have our health I truly think we should all thank the higher beings above that have granted us the gift of life. 

Today marks 1 year since my Grandma passed…another reason to celebrate life, and all that we are blessed with…I miss her daily…

So tonight, after 1 week without running and 100 degree temps lurking outside, I laced up my shoes and hit the gym.  BOY, bad move…it was hotter in there than outside.  I struggled to get my 3 mile training run in, but I completed it after drowning in sweat.  Bah…

But they all can’t be stellar runs, nor can we always have stellar days…

But I will continue to work hard in my home, my job, and my training.  Lord willing I will have the time and energy to complete this marathon.  I have been making myself go to bed earlier, although it results in me waking up several times, yet I will continue to try and build strength and energy. 

Count your blessings, hug your loved ones, and give your all in each goal you aspire to complete…life truly is short. 

4 thoughts on “Week 2 of Marathon training…”

  1. You are out there doing it, the best you know how to and to me and many others that shows determination and heart. Both of which you have always had, the 10 plus years I have been BLESSED enough to know you and to call you dear friend and family. Much love chelle, you're doing fantastic!


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