Let FULL Marathon training, BEGIN!

I took the better part of the last 2 weeks OFF…to just heal, rest, and regain my strength after full time training since December.  I needed this break, and took an amazing 5 day trip to see my lifelong friend, Jennifer (that I met nearly 20 years ago while serving in the Air Force together) who now lives in Oklahoma. 
A wonderful dinner and drinks at the Boulevard in OKC

The weekend was filled with talking, drinking, laughing, shopping, and just relaxing.  It was a much needed break after spending over 8 months alone with my kids this last year with literally no breaks, or help. 
us being silly while at Saks


Me and Katerina at the pool party

Stavros and his pinata

I took today off to unpack, rest, and do some chores I had let go by the way side.  I set my alarm early to run, but my stomach had different plans, so I took some meds and went back to sleep for a couple hours. 

This training can cause havoc on one’s body, both emotionally and physically.  I see so many have amazing support from parents and friends, yet I ran my last race without a cheering squad.  Yet I didn’t let it stop me, nor will I let myself sit in a funk about it any longer…

So today I laced up my shoes after cooking dinner, and set out for 4 miles…and I did it, aching knee, running nose, and wonky stomach…(I’m sure all the CRAP I ate this past weekend didn’t help!  LOL)…

Week 1 is officially ON, and I pray to keep my physical and emotional strength high! 

12 thoughts on “Let FULL Marathon training, BEGIN!”

  1. So glad you had fun with Jenn! You ran your last race with Carolyn there! Don't forget! This is where my running club people have come into play – I hope you can find a group to run with this summer :)Marathon training, here we go!!


  2. My husband was at my race for about an hour on Saturday–the first one he's come to since 2010. Sometimes it hurts, but it can also be easier. Good luck with your training cycle…hope you can hook up with some fun running friends. I trained for my first half and most of my first full marathon alone, but with friends is a lot more fun. 🙂


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