A redo-of Marathon Monday…

I haven’t run in over a week now…

I feel sluggish, sore, and tired.  But I figure sometimes we need to hit a low, to progress to our “high”…

I have spent the better part of 8 months (separated by 6 months, 4 months each stint) alone and as a single Mom.  I enjoyed nearly ALL of this time, because I was able to not only bond with my girls, but to find a strength in myself I didn’t know I had due to lack of physical support.  You always think people will come to your aid in times of need, yet often times you are left to deal with things, life, etc. on your own.  And I’ve done it, 100% me, all the while the last 4 months training for TWO half marathons. 

Yeah…nothing is impossible…

But we all hit our breaking point, and physically and emotionally I am spent.  So although my marathon training was due to start this past week, I am giving myself a bit of a break to take a deep breath and start over. 

I fly out Wednesday to my best friend’s house, and our major plans include a whole lot of NOTHING…relaxing, talking, and enjoying time. 

Marathon Monday will recap next week…although I was sad to see on daily mile I hadn’t posted in 6 days…I DO realize, we all need a break. 

Can’t wait for my well-deserved break on Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “A redo-of Marathon Monday…”

  1. you've earned a break, Lady M……you've already built a base, and you'll be able to build from that when you get back from your visit. Enjoy the time with your friend! :>)


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