Five things this Friday

1.       I haven’t ran in 6 days…I had planned to, well, several times…but an aching knee, car breaking down, allergies kicking my butt, and well-LIFE getting in the way seemed to stop me from my previous plans.  (Lord willing I will at least do a short neighborhood run tomorrow).  I will save you from sharing a pic, but my nose looks like Rudolph’s twin from blowing it so much…GAH!

2.       BEST of luck to all the people I know running the Grandma’s marathon this weekend…this race is near and dear to my heart as I grew up watching marathoners, and since have falling in love with the sport of running.

3.       I have ran 332 miles in the year 2012…this is HUGE for me…may my knee hold out for just a few more months!  Most of which I did as a single Mom…so for that, I am proud…Nothing can stop me now! 

4.      Giving a pedicure to yourself, with “runners feet” is not pretty…One ½ toenail, and some major callouses made my night quite challenging.  I refuse to torture any sweet lady in the nail salon to look at my feet….NO WAY…

5.      Tomorrow my family and I are going to our first Cubs game at Wrigley Field.  This is a Father’s day present to my husband, and we are so uberly stoked.  Yes, I said uberly. 

I could add number 6…that car repairs and bills, and life is HARD…but those tidbits don’t deserve a number in my week.  They are THERE, yes…but I just can’t dwell on em…each day is step forward, and I won’t let the ‘crap’ get me down. 

May you all have a wonderful weekend, and happy running!

❤ Chelle

10 thoughts on “Five things this Friday”

  1. I wish you a wonderful weekend Michelle, and it sounds like you will enjoy the Cubs game! What a nice Father's Day to spend with Brian. I know you will fall back into stride with your running. I know life sometimes gets in our way, but we keep on going and that is commendable! Love to you and yours!! xoxo


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