“Tell me I can’t…and I will work harder to prove you wrong…” (me)

I am still in awe of yesterday.  I won’t compare my times to anyone else; because this was the best race I have EVER run…I am still on cloud nine….

I poured myself out of bed this morning, after waking up several times to sore, well, everything…LOL.  I drew myself a nice hot Epsom salt bath, and soaked long enough to be able to run errands with the girls as Brian was at his reserve duty.  I have to give him a shout out for doing nearly a 10 mile road march…yeah, we were both gimping tonight, LOL…

But the day ended well amidst my daily arguments with my eldest.  Seems the older your kids’ get, the harder they are to deal with…but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully she will realize I am not so bad one day…LOL. 

After our errands we got out the sprinklers and I let them have fun in the water since it was a balmy 95 degrees and we don’t have a pool.  I didn’t last long as I am still a bit dehydrated from yesterday, but it was fun to watch them on the slip and slide, hehe!

I am hoping tomorrow for a run, but am playing it by ear…want to give myself a week or two break before my official MARATHON training plan starts.  On a good note, I ended yesterday’s race WITHOUT A SINGLE BLISTER.  YAHOO!  I think I finally found the right shoes. 

My long term goals are:

To make this marathon the best I can make it…to FINISH strong.

To become a more seasoned ½ marathoner, because this is where I find my joy…Someday I hope to break the 2 hour mark!

To take some cooking lessons, as I’d love someday to be a true Chef.

To keep the focus on ME when running, because this is mine, and MINE alone.

To eventually purchase a piano and take lessons…

To continue to work on my house, and my garden, because I LOVE my home…

And lastly, to compile all of my writing and publish a book, even if it is an E-book. 

What are your long term goals???

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  1. I don't know if your park district has one, but a lot of local park districts have sprinkler parks for free (or really cheap). We belong to our local park district pool.


  2. great set of goals, Michelle……and from what I've seen from you in the short time I've "known" you, I have absolutely no doubt you'll be able to achieve them!


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