PR. Chicago Allstate 1/2 marathon

I started this race with high expectations.

My last half was an uber fail, and I refused to repeat what happened 3 weeks ago.

So today, and the weeks before, I prepared…more so mentally than anything…

I’ve taken it “easy” the last few weeks, while mixing in my short and long runs.

I’ve made sure my shoes were the right fit.

I’ve updated my play list…because I love getting lost in the music…

And today, at 0345 my alarm went off, and I knew I was ready…

Tazo tea in hand with an apple ready to eat,

I drove to Carolyn’s house, just a few minutes away…

We hit the road running, and were excited for our race.

Sadly we weren’t able to get into the same corral, but we hugged,

Wished each other luck, and made our way. 

I started the race to the new American Idol’s song, Home…

And as I looked at the scenery surrounding me, I knew I was right where I should be…

I lost myself in the music and made sure this race was my own. 

“Love Lockdown” hit around mile 4, and I was in the zone…although I saw runners coming back, I knew the corrals were spread out. 

I didn’t let the runners passing me, or the runners I passed phase me…

I held steady, and I ran…

Mile 6 I took 2 Advil, and kept trucking…yeah, I had this…

“Hollaback girl” hit around mile 7, and I was thankful for the towels the race committee provided…I kept it wet and around my neck…NO one was stopping me now…

Around 8.5 miles I hit a GU chew, and realized I suck at math…crap; I still had a ways to go…

But “Don’t let me get me” by Pink played and I was rejuvenated around mile 9…

Mercy Me crept in around mile 9…”Move”…and hell yeah I was moving…I bypassed the 2:20 pacer, and I felt great….

Journey, “Don’t stop believing” hit me shortly after…and with the text messages from my best friend Jen cheering me on, I knew I had this…


“For the first time” by the Script hit around mile 11…and this song speaks to what my husband and I have been through, so of course I picked up the pace….

Mile 12…”Bleed it out” by Linkin Park…yeah…I was giving it all I had and no one could stop me…bobbing and weaving in the pack I made my mark…

Mile 13…”Scream” by Usher…a song my husband and I love, and enjoy being silly to…

I came around the bend, and kicked it up…this truly was MY race…and it was amazing. 

I may have physically run it alone…but I wasn’t by myself for even a second…
So proud of my dear friend Carolyn for finishing strong!

An amazing day…I…am…truly blessed. 

Love and blessing to those who whole heartedly support me.  xoxo

26 thoughts on “PR. Chicago Allstate 1/2 marathon”

  1. GREAT job, Michelle. Sounds like your music really helped to push you. ;-)I have taken extra strength tylenol during marathon to help with pain because it doesn't have ibuprophen in it. I believe advil does so you may want to into that. Ibuprophen when taken before/during exersion can work on your organs too much. Way to rock it, girl, with a new PR!


  2. Woo hooo!! I have run out of things to say, I know I sound like a broken record but I am so proud of you! You inspire and amaze me with your strength and tenacity! I love you and support you wholeheartedly. I am so happy you finished your race and love this play by play you shared. Great job Michelle! xoxo And congrats on the PR!!! xoxo


  3. YAY!!!!!!! Congrats!! You did a GREAT job, especially in less than ideal conditions!! You should be really, really proud of yourself!! (and yikes! I think you are the only person who can tell me to stop whining about how early I woke up!!)


  4. Love the song-by-song recap, Michelle…….the motivational power of a good song can be so crucial, and it's clear that you benefited from each particular song in your playlist! Great job, great race, great recap, great day!Oh, and the pride you feel in picture of you with your medal made me smile…..now I need to get out and RUN! :>)


  5. Fantastic time, fantastic race, AMAZING WOMEN! You strive for greatness and achieve nothing less…As I always say you inspire me in ways I cannot express, with tears in my eyes right now I am proud of you..My sister, my best friend, my inspiration.


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