Wednesday’s are never without Words

I have been blessed to find an amazing nutrition specialist, more so HEALTH specialist to help me tackle my hormone and blood sugar levels.  Backing up, I have suffered from insomnia for the better part of my life.  But when I was referred to a specialist by my awesomest friend Jen, I couldn’t say no…(Thanks Jared!!!)
I’ve been talking and working with him for about a week now, and my official plan starts tomorrow.  
Today was my rest day, so  I headed to the store to buy all organic goods, and man did Sophia and I have fun.

I came home, washed and prepped everything and got my meals ready for tomorrow. 
Here is a few things I purchased…

After prepping food, I made my meals for tomorrow.  Breakfast will be 3 hard boiled eggs and a piece of organic sausage.  My snack is a cup of strawberries, black berries, and raspberries.  Lunch I hit a home run, making up my own recipe for chili-lime, and garlic chicken.  SOOO easy by the way. 
I minced a handful of cloves of garlic first…

I then zested 1 lime, and rolled it firmly on the cutting board so that when I cut into it the maximum amount of juice would be dispelled. 

Next I added the zest/juice of one lime, the garlic, and a couple table spoons of chili powder to an 1/8 or so of a cup of EVOO.  Just a touch of kosher salt and pepper was added, then mixed thoroughly.  Then add 4-6 chicken thighs to the mixture and let marinate for at least 30 minutes.  Brown in a saute’ pan, and YUM!  This is being served of a salad of baby greens and avocado for lunch tomorrow!!


And yes, I am having my one LAST glass of red wine tonight.  (Jared, forgive me!)

May you all have a blessed week!  I know that my washing machine being fixed is a bonus, but living a healthy life style is even better!!!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday’s are never without Words”

  1. looks yummy…I can't believe how much better I feel when sugar is not a main part of my diet…then, when I eat some (like jelly beans) I crave, crave, crave it and I act weird. 😉 Probably like a junkie who needs his fix…I will look for anything to relieve my sweet tooth. Crazy…Way to go on the healthy purchases…so smart!


  2. Sweet tooth? I freeze Grapefruit juice, and eat it with a spoon like frozen ice. Small 4 oz cups are great. Takes a while to eat it, and relieves my cravings.My problem, Chelle, is I DONT prep. I need to start doing that. I waste so much fresh produce by not prepping. And, I DETEST waste. I feel like a poor steward of God's bounty. Thanks for the idea.


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