Triple Tuesday Truths

Today, while browsing my Facebook feed I learned that an Air Force sister lost her life.  I was moved…saddened…and dumbfounded that a woman my age who was in amazing shape-lost her life after doing physical training for the Air Force due to an aneurism.  This woman showed me a kindness you don’t normally find in this day and age.  She wasn’t a close friend, but she was close enough to reach out to me when she knew I was troubled.  Heaven has a new Angel for us all indeed.  Yet the world is without her beautiful soul and therefore I will mourn her passing today.  I don’t cry at work, or in front of people anymore…yet hearing the news today left me with my eyes full of tears and I wondered how I’d make it through the last 2 hours of work…

Today, I was supposed to have rest day for training.   Instead I came home from work, fed the kids, and hit the trails with a passion I haven’t had in a while.  I ran my 4.5 miles for Linda.  For the drive that she had, and the passion that she instilled in me the few years I knew her.  I left my Garmin at home and simply tracked my miles via my IPhone.  I didn’t care about splits, times, or personal competitions that I hold myself to every day.  I played my ITunes quietly in my ears, and let myself just go…These miles were for her, and her alone.  May her soul rest in peace. 

Today, although I felt alone I was touched by the amazing love from my lifelong friends.  Laughing, talking, texting, and talking made the day I thought would never end-end in a peaceful bliss.  Thank you…<3

They say “life is short” but do we really embrace what we have each day?

Tomorrow is the future…LIVE for TODAY. 

We all have ailments.  We all have troubles.  We all have stress.  But if we are able to wake each morning, kiss our children/family/friends, and laugh with those we love even in the darkest hour-I think we should count our lucky stars. 

It can always be worse…but what are YOU doing to make it better?

My challenge for the month of April is this…Make YOU, YOUR LIFE, and your EXISTENCE better…every day. 

I may even come up with a prize.  So please, tell me your story. 


5 thoughts on “Triple Tuesday Truths”

  1. yay for your run!!I am sorry about your friend. I am finding that the depression/dark blanket is lifting slowly. I knew things were not good at work, I don't want to leave my co-workers and seven years behind, but I am soooo happy to have a new job and a new experience there to look forward to. I decided not to run today. I woke up at 4:30 and I ached pretty badly, so I decided another hour of sleep instead. The president is having some sort of physical family fitness thing, and I am going to sign us up. I think it is a 6 week program of getting exercise every day and eating healthier. So that is our plan!


  2. I'm so sorry about your loss. Any time I hear about someone my age passing away it throws me, and when it's someone I knew, it's of course more of a blow. It CAN always be worse, a fact I remind myself as I realize that I let my blessings (job, house, family) stress me out. I'm trying to cultivate an attitude of appreciation and recognition of how blessed I am.


  3. So sorry for the loss of your friend, Lady M…….life is indeed short….FAR too short. We all know it will end someday….and not knowing when should provide the focus we need to make each day count. I'm always striving to make my time on this planet be meaningful….to be a good husband, father, son, brother, friend, teacher…..to just try to do my best every day to leave this place a bit better than the way I found it. Some days, it feels like you're barely holding your place in quicksand, while on some days if feels as if you're sinking. Yet there are those other days when you feel your soul soaring without bounds…..that's what keeps me going!Oh yeah….and that's the kind of day I'm hoping for on Monday!!! :>)


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