Sunday Runday? My summation of today and this weekend!

As I pour my last glass of cranberry water with lemon (sounds enticing right?) I thought I would jot a few thoughts down. 

Today I had 7 miles on deck, and ran 7.5 of the worst miles I’ve had to date.  It was hard, it hurt, and I couldn’t find my groove.  Who put the darn quicksand in my shoes?  Why is Mother Nature and her darn wind pushing all over??  Bastardos!!  But I finished none the less, walk breaks and all.  Came home and iced my knee accordingly, and followed with a nice Epsom salt bath a couple hours later…ahhh.

Today is day 4 of no caffeine, alcohol, or bad stuff etc…and today is the first day I didn’t wake up in a pound of sweat, or feeling like crap.  My run wasn’t the best of runs, but I still woke up with a smile, and before 9 a.m.!!!  ME?  Yes…the girl who likes to sleep LATE was up in running clothes, having breakfast by 9, out the door 30 minutes later.  Unheard of? Why yes. 

After icing my knee, my little Sophia asked if I would cuddle with her for a while and watch a movie in her room…how do you pass that up?
yes, that is a bag of frozen shrimp, LOL

We all ended up in the backyard both yesterday and today…here are some shots…

The day ended with some yummy food-all organic and healthy.  My meals are prepped for tomorrow, and can’t honestly ask for much more in life.
Yummy goodness salad, organic chicken thighs, olives, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and all kinds of veggies! 
Breakfast-3 hard boiled eggs, and organic sausage

Thanks to all who have supported me through this endeavor, especially while Brian has been gone away to school.  It’s been no easy feat. 

My long run this week is 8 miles.  I can do this!!!    Hope everyone has a blessed week!!!

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