Monday, Mulitiplied x2

Today was filled with work, meetings, kids, and the washing machine calling it quits. 

1.       I spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to get a service call with no luck, and in a tyrant I went to the gym as I had lost daylight.  I had 4.5 miles on my schedule, yet only finished 2 miles as my time was running out and I refuse to give up my evening time with my youngest.  She still lets me rock her to sleep while singing “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra.  I have sung this song for over 12 years now, to both daughters, and it is also my wedding song.  So I ran, until I noticed the time was nearing ‘rock’ time, and I headed home.  I completed just a smidge over 2 miles. 

And that, was enough…for today. 

2.       As I drove home in still a bit of a discorded Monday, I listened to a song I can’t help but to tear up over…am I really upset over a darn washing machine?  Wow…my priorities were all jacked up there for a second.  If you haven’t ever listened, take a moment to check out KLove.com.   What an inspirational station to listen to every day. 

Life.   Can, be hard…but if we stop and see what matters most, we truly can see past the CRAP. 

My new nutrition plan is coming together.  Thanks to my dear friend Jared Toay whom I met through my lifelong friend, Jennifer-I finally feel I can get a grasp on what I need to do to get things, my sleep, and my health back on track. 

And so yes…my miles weren’t completed tonight.  My washing machine, well, still doesn’t work quite yet. 

But I have my health, great friends and family, and my LIFE yet to live. 

May I find my mileage tomorrow.  If not, there is always another day as long as I give it my all. 

May you find your strength and inspiration, tomorrow, and always.

8 thoughts on “Monday, Mulitiplied x2”

  1. Good for you for going, even if just 2 miles! The fact that you went is all that matters. Singing to your daughter – so sweet. That particular Frank song and "My Way" are my favorites. I cry when I start singing them in my head.Have a great day!!


  2. You and the darn washing machine…….Don't worry about the miles…….you'll get those and more. Just stick with your plan and you'll be fine! Every day above ground is a good one, so don't worry about the day-to-day stuff. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other (and repeat…..quickly!), and you'll end up where you need to be!You've GOT THIS, Lady M……you really do!


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