Grandma's Marathon

Weekend wrap up-I’m ready!!!

Last week I will admit I had started to get a little nervous about my upcoming marathon.  Why?   Well, the chance I might be running it solo had come to play, but it sounds like my nephew is doing MUCH better and that the original plan of my sister and I running this race together is back ON, knock on wood!  Although I had trained primarily solo, I didn’t push myself in regards to pace because my ONE goal for this race is to have FUN with my sister…oh…and to finish. So I have TWO goals, LOL.

But, just to be safe and plan ahead, I decided to get my Jeep’s oil changed and a few other things to make sure I could make the trip to Minnesota by myself if needed.  I also go my emission’s test for my upcoming annual tag renewal.

My mini and I having fun.

Saturday morning I set my alarm early because I had a massage scheduled at noon and I wasn’t going to miss that appointment.  LOL!!!  My run was AMAZING, and I couldn’t believe how good my legs felt.  Maybe because I took Thursday off since I had weird aches and pains everywhere, and maybe because I just cleared my mind and ran…regardless, I left it all out there, and was speedier than I have been in quite some time.


Splits:10:21, 10:29, 10:13, 10:20, 9:55, 9:46, 9:37, 9:23 for my last long run of 8 miles. Average pace was 10:01.  Yes please, and thanks! Here’s a couple photos I snapped during fuel breaks:

6-14longrun 6-14longrun2

Next…My massage.  I may or may not have asked my therapist to marry me come with me to Minnesota, LOL!!!  She’s worked wonders for my wonky ITB and crazy knotted calf that has plagued me for a couple years.  I love her.  Thanks, Amy!!


And then, insert taper crazies here…I cleaned my husband’s closet, cleaned and purged a bunch of lotions and crap from the bathroom, and scrubbed the house from top to bottom.  All with a smile on my face, and a feeling of light-heartedness that quite possibly came from my morning 8 miler.  Anyone that has trained for a marathon while working full time, (and on single Mom duty more than half the year) knows that housework falls to the wayside, and quick.  It feels great to have my life back in order, LOL.

I’ve spent the last few days talking with Charissa, Allison, and Hanna via FB chat.  These amazing ladies all plan on running the marathon in around 3 hours or so, and I am in awe of their talent and speed.  But more so, they’ve supported me and my blog for quite a while and I can’t WAIT to meet them in SIX days!!!!  I’ve started packing, and am over the moon excited to finally be the one traveling vs. the one staying home!

Fuel is good to go, not pictured are my salt tabs and Motrin.
Fuel is good to go, not pictured are my salt tabs and Motrin.

I am also excited to meet Eric Strand (I hope) and give him his #DoEpicShit bracelet from my friend Andrea who’s been one of my biggest supporters.  He doesn’t only run Grandma’s Marathon, he runs it twice, started at 3 am running TOWARDS the start line from the finish line. Check out the video!!!


And that my friends…is a wrap.  My training is complete minus a couple short runs this week, and I. AM. READY.

Thanks for those who’ve consistently supported my crazy dreams and goals.  It means more to me than I could ever put in to words.  Y’all will be with me, for 4-5 hours as I run my 3rd (and possibly final full) marathon!!!!

❤ Michelle