moving forward


Welcome to all of the new followers!! I am so happy to have you join us on this adventure we call life. I started this page (can you believe) 10 years ago as I transitioned from 20 years of active duty in the military, to civilian life. As a form of therapy, I started long distance running, cooking and writing. All of that resulted in this page, as I found such joy in touching other’s lives. As with all of us that age, my days of long-distance running have slowed down, and I do a lot more walking than running, but that’s ok because I am still Movin’. I still love to write, and cook, and love sending out positive vibes.

I’d love to hear about you and your journey!!

Again, my heartfelt welcome!!! ❤

5 thoughts on “Welcome!!!”

  1. Michelle, wishing you the very best as your journey keeps movin’. I’ve only been here since the fall of 2018, but my writing (and blogging) journey continues to fill up some of the space found in each day. I traded in my classroom teaching journey for a writer’s one.

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