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Monday updates

Happy Monday!! We’re back from visiting my husband’s family in California and it was so nice to reconnect. My MIL has been sick so it meant so much to them and us to visit.
Also, I had a pretty bad scare last week. I went in for lab work for a very overdue checkup, and my initial results came back showing I had diabetes. I wasn’t quite sure how to process it, as I eat quite healthy, exercise and rarely eat sweets.
Well, it perplexed my doctor as well, so she reran the test. Come to find out the entire run that day needed to be repeated due to faulty instruments. Whewwwww.
My results came back normal the second time around.

A huge shout out to you all for all the awesome support. It goes to show the power of prayers and good juju is real!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Here’s tonight’s reminder, plank, and wall sit (new streak!).

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