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Release and reminders

Every now and then I get pretty bad foot cramps. There is no rhyme or reason to them, and it’s definitely not because I’m dehydrated, so yeah.

I also do my best to keep my emotions in check. I’ve learned through enduring a lot of emotional and physical situations to, “suck it up.”

That wasn’t the case tonight. As I was falling asleep to take a cat nap on my recliner, my right foot seized up. This was gonna be a doozy.

Suddenly I was crying. You know, the ugly sob sort of cry. The more I cried, the more my foot seemed to hurt, geez Louise could I catch a break?

It finally let up, but by then I was emotionally drained, even though they say a good cry is good for you, I’m not so sure. Lol. Maybe I needed it, maybe the foot cramps come from something a little deeper, who knows.

Not really a point to this story, just felt I needed to get it off my chest.

Ever have phantom off wall aches and pains? Joys of aging I suppose!!

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