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Happy Wednesday! Long run day!

Happy Wednesday!!!! With our busy schedules, we’ve decided that Wednesday is the best day for our long runs. We’re training for the Gasparilla Half Marathon the end of February, and this will be our first live race since 2019, and my daughter’s first half. Today was the first time since Covid last fall that I felt like a runner. I paced us during the run and felt pretty good the whole time. I may be slower than I used to be, but miles are miles at this point.
How was your day?!

4 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday! Long run day!”

  1. All the best for your run! I miss running! The last 9 years. …ran halfs. Then came Covid and a bad knee..hope to get over both😅
    I do hope you’ll write about your half . All the very best 💞


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