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Time for rest

Since having Covid last September, every little thing seems to turn in to a big thing. What used to be a bad day of allergies, turns into a week. What used to be a bad nights sleep or two, turns in to me feeling like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. So last night was the third night I didn’t sleep well, which left me with a migraine/Mack truck situation. I had important training and interviews to conduct, but thankfully was working from home today with my camera turned OFF lol.

Skipped my run to rest, but did get a core workout and my daily plank done.

Cheers to a better nights sleep tonight!!

4 thoughts on “Time for rest”

  1. from all i here, it takes a long time for bodies to really get back up to full strength after this, so glad you are giving yourself time and permission to adjust as you give yourself what you need along the way.

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