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Looking past negativity

This week I heard about someone that had been talking bad about me to others. I’ll leave it at that for sake of privacy here on the blog.

It truly bothered me, and still does to a point, because I always do my best to take of my friends, family and coworkers. I’m the most genuine person you’ll meet, and have worked through many difficult years fighting negative demons.

Today, I decided to take that energy and spread kindness. I offered to help a coworker with their duties knowing how busy we both are these days. I reached out to someone I know that feels under appreciated and verbalized my true appreciation for all that they do for me. And I hugged my daughter a few extra times when she got home from school, because what is honestly better than a good hug?

Am I still thinking about that other person that hurt me? Sure. I’m human. But I find doing positive and kind things for others always helps.

How do you battle negativity? Any other good tips?



9 thoughts on “Looking past negativity”

  1. I met up with a lady I had not met before. Same age as me. We went for a late lunch, and there was live music at 3.30. I did everything possible to cheer her up, but she was ready to leave before the music. Well I tried. So no dancing for me 😔

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