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Dressing for your age?

I’ve been told that wearing cut off shorts isn’t acceptable for someone in their late 40’s…but shouldn’t you dress in what you feel comfortable?

At the age of 48, am I too old to wear these shorts?

I don’t think so. Working on my confidence means wearing what makes me feel good.




25 thoughts on “Dressing for your age?”

  1. You look great! I don’t know who writes all of those articles about what you should not wear, eat, drink, say, etc after 40. I am 66 and I wear anything that I feel looks appropriate for my body (not cut-off shorts anymore but I know women my age who would look fine in them.) I also eat and drink and say what I want. 🤷

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      1. Middle age at 48? 😂 I became a grandmother at 48 to the sweetest little girl ever (to be followed by another 9 grandbabies) and started what was the best career move of my life for fifteen years. I have taken great trips with my husband and several with my daughter. So much has happened since I turned 48 that I can’t even begin! 48 is a great age to be! Really😉

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      2. You still have time to do anything you want – and the more you do the better and younger you will feel. Those over 40 articles are nonsense – especially in this day and age. Have a great day, Michelle!

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  2. That is a pretty shallow-minded thing to write. People want to subject their “view” on everyone. No one should care what anyone else is wearing, well as long as it’s not exposing the woo-hoo and hoo-ha around kids. Where what make you feel good 🙂

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  3. Life is just too darn short! Wear what makes you happy! Do what makes you happy!
    I’m 60, drive a Jeep and listen to Korean pop music! Loving every single minute!!

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  4. What we should wear is not associated with any number or age. How we feel and look good is what matters. I became grandmother at the age of 42…so what? I look good and I wear anything and everything. Just relax!!😃

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  5. You wear them well Michelle 👏🤗 Age really is just a number, whatever age we are, what matters more is dressing for your body shape and with clothes that flatter us as individuals, regardlessss of age.

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