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Meal prepping made easy

Hey gang! So I’ll admit, the hubby and I fell off the healthy eating wagon. Seems to be a vicious cycle with us, but we always bounce back. I’ve gained about 4-5 lbs back, and the hubby has gained everything he lost almost. So we’ve started back with routine exercise and more meal prepping for our meals during the week. Tonight after work/my workout, I baked some chicken, seasoned some precooked shrimp, roasted squash, and steamed some veggies. I also made a packet of our favorite brown rice/quinoa blend. Voila. Meals for the week!!

Question. Do you meal prep? How do you get your motivation back after falling off the wagon?



11 thoughts on “Meal prepping made easy”

  1. I’ve made the same fall and have vowed to myself to get back on the wagon – today I made chopped greek veggie salad, turkey meatloaf, and black bean soup. I’ll just add chicken or sides as I go along throughout the week. it’s so much easier to gain back than it is to lose!)

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  2. I have difficulty cooking smaller amounts of food. I have put weight on only being able to do Zumba, treadmill, squats, and crunches. I know once my shoulder is sorted out, I can loose it working out

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  3. That sounds like a great plan and great meals. I do NOT meal plan. I have thought about it, but it seems like too much trouble. I do love to buy a rotisserie chicken every once in a while. I can make that last an entire week – using it in different ways and adding different sides, depending on how much time I have in the evenings.

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