moving forward

Sometimes a good workout is all you need.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!! I hope you all had a fantastic day!! I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling with my mental health lately mostly due to lack of workouts. So today I decide to push aside the tired/sinus/long day reasons and just do it. I did a run walk interval, core and my plank and feel better for it.

How do you push through the tough times? #keepmovinforward



8 thoughts on “Sometimes a good workout is all you need.”

  1. I have talked about how my creativity never shines brighter than when coming up with reasons not to run. I can’t speak about mental health issues from a position of experience, but I imagine it’s a self-fulfilling issue: you feel down, and you don’t work out which makes you feel bad/worse…

    So just doing what you do helps and makes you feel better. Maybe? Keep on persevering.

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