moving forward

Grief never really leaves us…

But we learn to keep going, even if it’s sometimes reminding ourselves daily to breath in and out…we celebrate the not so hard days, and fall in to bed exhausted on the days the emptiness seems all enveloping.

But we learn to keep going. We hang on a little tighter to those that make an effort to be in our lives…and we cherish every memory, both good and bad. We make a point to laugh a little more, and allow an ugly cry every now and then.

But we learn to keep going.

We make an effort to have more empathy.

We’re a little kinder. Or at least we try. Because sometimes grief is just ugly.

But we learn. We try. We keep going.

This one is dedicated to my Sammy, who left us too soon, 2 years ago. He will be forever missed.



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