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It’s ok…

I stopped writing over the last few years, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time at the computer for work, but honestly I think it’s because I feel that I can no longer be honest in this space having been burned for people taking my posts the wrong way, or a coworker throwing me under the bus for my honesty.

Either way, I miss writing and expressing myself. This is my first post in ages, but I wanted to put pen to paper so to speak to charge myself with some accountability to start writing again, realizing that yes, this is the 3rd or 4th post I have said this very thing, LOL.

I still am unsure of the direction of this blog, as I am not running/racing like I used to, nor am I cooking nearly as much – so stay tuned for some rebranding…



12 thoughts on “It’s ok…”

  1. Lay it on us — tell us what you got to say. Some of us enjoy your posts… When you’ve written what you’ve written with no malice or ill will, then you’ve done your part.

    It’s not your responsibility to manage other people’s feelings.

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  2. I think I know what you mean, I’ve had some similar things happen. I stopped posting as much and my plans to post more were put on hold. I actually took a lot of my writing off-line by doing it with good old fashion pen and paper and even a typewriter. So I still get to write daily, but sometimes I feel like it’s not the same as just push him to the blog.

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  3. Hi Michelle, I always love communicating with you. The world seems so upside down and very divisive. Some people feel the need to spew their negativity onto others. Please do what you want and try not to let those people dim your light. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeves. Love you, mama! Xoxo

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  4. I can relate. I’ve been of social media since New Years for personal reasons but I do miss your posts. I have also haven’t been running/working out as much as I used to. Happy to see your post in my emails again. 💙

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  5. I am glad that you decided to write again. I stopped as well, not because I was no longer running, I think it was when I went back to school and like an idiot took on a full load and had to work at the same time. I had no time for anything and like a fool I let it hurt the two things I enjoyed. Running and blogging. Well, Like you too, I am back.

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