moving forward

Happy New Year!!!

Crazy it’s been 7 years since I started my blog.

I’ve slacked writing this year. I’m on my work lap top for 8-9 hours a day, so the last thing I want to do is get on my personal one at night. But I’d really like to get back to writing, so I’m declaring it here to make it official.

Beach day!!
How is my youngest taller than me!!
Last sunset of 2020
Who’s ready!?

We made it through 2020, and I’ve got a lot of good take aways from this year. We were able to work from home for the most part, which helped my daughter who’s eLearning. I’ve paid off my student loans, allowing us the capability to pay for our oldest daughters classes in college, we’ve had a lot of trips to the beach and lots of family time. What was the best parts of your 2020?

Happy New Year!!!


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