moving forward

It’s time.

I’ve struggled my entire life with self esteem, with feeling good enough, and with feeling like I matter in other people’s lives.

This stems from so many things. Most of which I won’t discuss. I’ve found my blog has been miss interrupted so many times by so many people. But this time it’s about me. No one else.

I’ve ALLOWED this to happen. Let me say that again. I’VE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN.

And it’s not been easy. Even harder to admit. No matter how hard I try, the demons are always there.

And I’m tired of it.

Tired of never feeling like I’m enough.

Keep Moving forward. My mantra of nearly a decade, now. So that’s the new plan. To embrace this mantra. Write more. Cook more. Run more. Do the things that bring me joy-and stop obsessing over things I can control.

Call it a comeback? Maybe!! I sure hope so.



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