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One month

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since Sammy passed away. I’ve committed myself to living a better life for him, because he would’ve wanted that for me. With a real feel of 87 degrees outside tonight, I decided the run/walk method was the way to go. I ran more and a tad faster than Monday so I’ll take it. I’m so thankful for Novo Renew and my renewed joints and muscles. See link in my bio if you’re interested and use my code Michelle25 at checkout to save. Who’s movin’ today!??



14 thoughts on “One month”

  1. Glad you are getting back into it, Michelle. I am too but most of my exercise the last several days has been working in the yard, not running. Getting warm here too but that never bothered me.

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  2. I always tell people that their furkids loved them as much as you love them — and that they always want you to be happy. But obviously, we also have to feel out pain and move through it in our own way.

    It does get better, it truly does — and they will always be in our hearts.

    Here’s a little chuckle: my husband was showing my mom some of his old photos. She was exclaiming over this cat in one of his pictures, saying what a beautiful cat it was, wondering if that was my husband’s sister.

    It was me, and one of my first cats! Many liftetimes ago (or so it feels).

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