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New Month! Welcoming February

My year hasn’t started out the greatest. I’ll be honest. Between the bronchitis, work, and lack of running due to said bronchitis I am just plain tired.

When I get tired and/or stressed, I sleep walk. Yup…I’ve been known to wake up in random places of the house and just this past week I woke up twice at 5 am on the couch with no recollection of how I got there. Really?!? Yup…

I blame the lack of running to be honest. While I’ve managed a few runs despite being sick for so long, the whopping 20 miles I logged in for January just don’t cut it. My knee really hasn’t been happy so I’ve been walking vs. running (which I don’t log as miles) so I am praying my half marathon goes ok on the 24th.

I also have been too tired to write the last few days, so wanted to start February out with a short one at least. SO here’s to February, a new month and new opportunities!!!


So today I am thankful for one major thing…IT IS FRIDAY AND I CAN SLEEP IN TOMORROW!!!

What are you thankful for? Have you ever been known to sleepwalk? What is your go-to stress reliever?



16 thoughts on “New Month! Welcoming February”

  1. Oh man, sleepwalking is so scary. Ben frequently sleep walks and/or sleep talks when he gets overtired or stressed out. He’s done some really weird stuff. I hope February goes better for you!

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  2. Gosh, sleepwalking is scary. I hope you never end up outside in your jammies! It seems like it takes forever to feel normal when you get really sick, but I hope it gets better everyday for you! ♥️ Xoxo

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