Frozen tundra

Gosh, I can’t believe the weather across the Midwest (well, I CAN, I’ve lived in it for years having grown up in Minnesota, and having had been stationed in Alaska for three years, and lived outside of Chicago for almost 7 years, but STILL).

I had started to complain about our chilly temps until I saw the forecast up north. I’ll take mid 40’s of a low, and highs of 60’s this week. Heck, I ran in a tank top last night. While I do miss living up north for many reasons, I DON’T miss that winter weather at all. Check this out, so sad, stay warm my northern friends!!


Today’s Thankful five:

  1. The longer days. During the winter it’s dark driving in to work, and getting dark on my way home. More day light means I can get more running done in the evenings. Score!
  2. Long showers. You know, the kind where you blast your favorite music, take your time, and even shave your legs!
  3. My husband. I know, I’ve listed him before. But he does all he can to get home from work in time to take our daughter to her Tues/Thurs jujitsu lesson so I can have an hour and a half to myself. Between deployments and work trips he’s gone a lot, so it means a lot that he always steps up to help when he’s here.
  4. Florida. My body couldn’t handle another winter, so I am so glad we live here where the coldest temps I’ll have to deal with is mid to high 30’s.
  5. My blog! 🙂 It feels good to be writing again, even if most of my posts are short and sweet.

How’s the weather where you live? What are you thankful for? THANK YOU all for reading and following along.



22 thoughts on “Frozen tundra”

  1. i’m in michigan, where the governor declared a state of emergency due to the extreme cold. everything is closed, skin will become frostbitten in 10 minutes, and we will be colder than antarctica. minus 30-40

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  2. I’m thankful to be in Florida too. While I like cooler weather, I sure don’t want to live up north and have to deal with the frigid winters. There’s nothing better than Florida in the winter!

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  3. Those pictures reminded me of a time a couple years ago I had to fly down to Orlando for a week of training. When I left Virginia, we were in single digit temperatures. That evening I was in my hotel room watching the local news and there was a reporter on location wearing a parka and the headline under her face said “Braving the Cold!” The temperature in the bottom corner read 52 degrees. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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  4. We are cold, but really nothing terribly unusual and it won’t last long (or so they say). I never, ever missed winter when I lived in TX. An average of 60 suited me just fine (for winter). The summers were really unbearable, though, so we are still trying to figure out where we want to retire to.

    I have to admit that gratitude is just a wee bit hard to come by today, but I am grateful that Gizmo was in my life for so long, healthy for so long, and that his passing, although assisted, was peaceful.

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  5. Those memes crack me up! We had about three inches of snow here yesterday, and today the wind is picking up and the temps are plummeting. Tomorrow’s wind chill is supposed to be in the negatives, but nothing nearly as serious as in the midwest.

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  6. The weather here has been VERY cold, with lots of snow squalls. I’ve been hunkering down with the babe and not doing much. I sure wouldn’t mind low temps in the 40’s!

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  7. I have lived in cold climates and traveled to them plenty in the past but it’s 55 where I live right now and I am OK with that.

    Praying for those who have to endure the cold but also very thankful I don’t.

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