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My marathoner Anniversary

Ah, today will always be one of my favorite all time days. It’s my “I’m a marathoner,” Anniversary!!!! Six years ago today my life forever changed. #chicagomarathon #2012 #bestdayever #marathon #lifechanging



8 thoughts on “My marathoner Anniversary”

  1. It was about 3 or 4 years ago, fresh off a half marathon, I signed up for Chicago and started to train for it. A few weeks later, after doing a 16 mile long run things started to ache. During my short runs, I was feeling a bit better and then I ran an 18 mile run… I was hobbling towards the end. Long story short, I differed Chicago for year but ended up just letting that goal pass me by. I’m starting to run more consistently now, mostly trail runs, but it still in the back of my mind.

    How did it feel to finish? How long to recover? After the half, I had some recovery food and then took a nap. The most difficult thing was walking the mile to a restaurant for dinner, lol but I knew I wanted to stretch those legs.


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