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Weekly wrap and Spring break fun 3/28-4/3

For the first time since I have had kids, I took off work for Spring break. I worked last weekend, which means I had last Monday off so technically I only needed to take 4 days of vacation. We didn’t have a ton planned, but we did decide to do at least SOMETHING most of the days, while allowing ourselves 2 days of sheer blissful laziness. I didn’t work out once, and since I am still coming down from a nasty chest cold, I don’t feel very bad about it minus the mental benefits I am missing dearly.


Monday: Doctor appointment for my oldest. Sadly, she takes after me TOO much, and has developed bad headaches/migraines. She of course thinks she is going to die, because when you are 16 everything is dramatic, and breathing is even hard. Needless to say keeping the drama at bay and my nerves somewhat calm has been a challenge. (Note, she was fine ALL week during spring break and today not an hour after school starts I get an “I’m dying” text. Lord help me.)


Tuesday: A day in the city. We took the train down to Chicago with plans to visit the Shedd aquarium but decided to not waste 2 hours of our day in line. Instead we went to lunch, visited The Art Institute, saw our neighbor’s son who goes to school in the city, and finished the day off with a nice dinner.

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Wednesday: Lazy day on the couch. We played games, watched movies and just relaxed. It was glorious.



Thursday: Trip to my work and the movies. Since it was my 2 year anniversary at my job, and my kids had never met my coworkers I decided to stop by with my kids and picked up some yummy bakery bread for everyone. After which we headed to see the Batman vs. Superman movie. Despite terrible reviews, we actually enjoyed the movie for the most part.



Friday: Consignment shopping Part 1. My oldest was doing some studying with her friend, so I took my youngest and we headed out to our favorite consignment shops. We both scored a few really cute things, and for a fraction of what we would have paid in the actual stores. I also went through all of my youngest daughter’s clothes and packed up what didn’t fit her anymore. Yes, this pile of clothes is how I entertained myself Friday night. Don’t judge, LOL.

10 11 13


Saturday: Consignment shopping Part 2. Since my oldest was busy the day prior, we took her shopping to Plato’s closet to pick up some Spring/Summer clothes. All while battling the Spring blizzardy sunshiny windy crazy weather, LOL. I then cleaned out my entire closet (minus the shoes) and organized thusly. Ah…how I’ve missed my OCD, LOL. These projects keep my mind busy at least, so that’s a win, right? We also have 4 bags of clothes that we’ve purged, so double win!



Sunday: Crockpot cooking and second lazy day. I woke up fairly early, and made my favorite Chicken soup. The rest of the day was spent mainly on the couch, with a little vacuuming and dusting added in, LOL.



I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia again, and hope you head over and support these amazing woman and all the awesome women that participate!


How was your week? Are you able to take time off work during spring break? Did you go anywhere new/fun?

Cheers!  Have a great week!

❤ Michelle


26 thoughts on “Weekly wrap and Spring break fun 3/28-4/3”

  1. Those blissfully laze days sound perfect! And it looks like you were even productive during the Spring break with cleaning out the closets and getting new clothes. I hope the cold is better soon.


  2. Your week looks totally enjoyable and delicious to me. Hope your teenager’s migraines aren’t too much of a pain. I get ocular ones that are so weird. Can’t see for like 15 minutes but they’re pain-free so there’s that.


  3. Sounds like you had a good week Michelle! A little lazy can sometimes be just what you need – although purging your closets doesn’t seem lazy – so, very productive week you had Michelle! I spent the week ripping wall paper off some walls and repainting..fun stuff LOL. XOXO Linda~


  4. Awesome week, Michelle! Glad you had a fun week with your girls. I don’t get spring break anymore being that I’m not in school and don’t have kids lol. But I do need a vacation soon!!


  5. What a wonderful spring break! I hope you are feeling better soon!

    That is too bad your daughter gets migraines too! I got them from my mom as well. BLAH! lol


  6. Isn’t everything with teens so dramatic though? It is so funny how one minute they can be on top of the world and the next…well you know. All that working last weekend paid off by getting to enjoy the days with your girls. So how far away from the City do you live? When I say go into town, its a 30 minute drive from home. I was just curious.
    You got a lot accomplished this week and was able to relax too. I’d say a great week for sure! Glad to see this!


  7. A lazy Spring Break sounds like a perfect week. Good call on not standing in line. Since I had all boys, I sort of missed out on that teen drama thing. I thought the Batman vs. Superman movie was actually pretty good. I was surprised. I need your OCD for my closets. 😉 Thanks for linking with us Michelle.

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