Week 3…breakdowns and new beginnings

Ok, so I won’t lie.  After Tuesday’s post about my light bulb moment describing how I was going to tackle this deployment, my what was a little cough turned in to a full blown chest cold.  The 4 miler I did on Tuesday also did me in, and I knew I couldn’t run for at least a few days.  Add on a HUGE blow out with my teenager, moments of sitting curled up on my floor in a corner crying as I group texted my Mom and sister hoping they’d save me, and trying to figure out HOW I could save Easter even though I was working all day Saturday and Sunday…and yeah.  This girl took a few steps back to say the least.

I didn’t work out other than light arm weights a couple times last week after Tuesday. And since my week now starts on a Monday I’ll wrap this up with the weekly wrap with Holly and Tricia.


So if you read last week’s post, you read that I was going to start celebrating firsts.  My last week of firsts goes a little like this…

I took my daughter’s window shopping for the first time in ages.  As in, we aren’t buying anything we don’t NEED and are just going to enjoy each other’s company while having fun looking at fun and pretty things.

We spent Easter at our neighbors house for the first time, and I felt so blessed they welcomed us over after I got home from work.

We went to the city today.  By ourselves. Ok, this was a second time solo for us, but still, lol! And we ate at two new restaurants (Flat top grill for a quick light lunch, and Osterio Via Stato for dinner), and visited the Art Institute of Chicago for the first time even though we’ve lived here for almost 5 years.

For the first time in a few weeks, I finally felt like cooking.  Wasn’t fancy, but yummy!

polish sausage, sweet potato yumminess!

And for the first time but not the last time, I cried and screamed saying I couldn’t do this, and patted myself on the back saying YES I CAN!  lol!  Welcome to my rollercoaster!

This coming week I hope to get back on a workout schedule despite my cough, and continue to  move forward with building a routine.

We’re now 3/52 weeks down in this deployment….23 weeks to our halfway point!!!!

How was your week?  How do/did you celebrate Easter?




39 thoughts on “Week 3…breakdowns and new beginnings”

  1. I’ve had a lot of those moments of crying/how can I do this on my own – it’s just plain old HARD! More recently I find myself reacting better to tough situations. We had a great Easter weekend with my family (husband was working), celebrated my Dad’s 70th and I had a terrible run!

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  2. I’ve only had to deal with the furkids on my own, but even they can make you cry! Like the time I dropped my husband off at the airport for the trip I was supposed to accompany him on, only Chester was too sick to leave with someone and we weren’t even sure he’d be there when my husband got back.

    I took the dogs to the park afterwards and had to carry Chester.

    But it was only one week.

    So why did I share that? Not trying to bum you out! Because it was only ONE week. Each week moves you one week closer to being together again. There’ll be good weeks & bad weeks, but you will keep moving forward, because that’s what we do.

    Feel better!

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  3. Happy Easter to you and your family. You made it through and now you are onto the next week. Hope your cold is better & the pictures you shared of your girls is beautiful, those look like happy memories in the making.

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  4. I would think living near a big City you could rack up on firsts!!! I just love this idea too and it will keep you and your beautiful girls busy. Just so you know, roller coasters can be scary and fun all at the same time! 🙂 Thank you Michelle for linking up with us!!

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  5. Happy Easter to y’all! Sounds like a great week of firsts. I’m sure as you’re able to get into a routine it will help some. On days where it’s too hard to think about things you can just go through the motions and get on to the next day. I sure hope that cough goes away soon and you start feeling better.

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  6. I think it’s a great idea to celebrate firsts. I hope you will document them on your blog. I also think breaking up the deployment into chunks will make it more manageable. What ever strategy gets us to the finish line! I hope that cough settles down and you can get back to your workouts. Thanks for linking with us Michelle.

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  7. You So Got This!! Its because of the support system that you created. You can tackle any situation as a family unit. The weeks will fly by and be for you know it, it will be week 23.

    Big Hugs & Stay Strong

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  8. Oh you seem like such a fun mom, I bet your girls loved window shopping and spending time with you!
    I am really sorry about the chest cold, those are the worst!!
    I like your idea of counting down and breaking things up. You guys will get through this deployment and I really hope the time just flies and it will feel like it’s about to be over soon!

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