Deployment thoughts, weekly wrap up

Saving Valentines Day

This week, I wasn’t going to post.  But I decided that despite heartache, I needed to celebrate the fun weekend we had.  So here we go, in mostly pictures, my weekend wrap up.

I got my hair did….cheaply, but done none the less…eek I look tired!
Lunch with my girls! Why I am so squinty?
I did NOT eat the bun. lol
Boots make winter better
9 miles on the dready equals winning!
More boots…yup….
Valentines day lunch
Facetime with the hubby

I wish I could say this was an epic hallmark holiday, but I can’t lie.  It was tough without my husband. We’ve spent the last several years apart, but tonight’s reminder that we are together always was just what I needed. My neighbors are currently plowing my driveway after our snowfall, so blessings all around.  Thanks to Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap up!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

❤ Cheers!


49 thoughts on “Saving Valentines Day”

  1. Cute boots x2! Sorry you didn’t get the day with your sweetie, but at least there is Facetime and new boots. THanks to your sweetie for his service and you for your sacrifice!


  2. It is amazing that technology now allows us to chat live with our loved ones. Can you imagine what it was like when families relied on snail mail to connect? I’m very happy you were able to “visit” for Valentine’s Day. Nine miles on the treadmill is incredible, lady! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend spending time with your girls. Thanks for linking with us Michelle.


    1. I actually CAN imagine it, and lived it back in 2003 when he deployed for a year to Afghanistan. We would go weeks without hearing from him sometimes. He could call every now and then, and an occasional email but mostly it was good ole snail mail!!


  3. You know what? I’ve spent a lot of birthdays on my own, due to my husband’s travel. I actually spend my 50th birthday all by my lonesome (in a sleet storm, no less).

    You have to sometimes let the sadness get to you, and sometimes just do the stuff that makes your heart sing. Because your husband doesn’t complete you, but it sure is nice to share your life with someone.


      1. Oh yes, I do understand enjoying having them in our lives.

        I mostly get it — my husband was never in harm’s way, and while we were apart a long time, we were able to see each other every month or so. So not completely the same thing.

        Plus I didn’t have kids, only furkids.

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  4. Looks like you gals had a lovely weekend! It’s awesome you got to FaceTime your husband too! It definitely bridges the gap when they are traveling. Nice job on the long treadmill run! You’ll be even more mentally prepared for your race after that 🙂

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  5. You could have sat at home and been miserable but you made the best of it. Pretty proud of you for doing that. Looks like you had a nice day with your girls.


  6. Your hair looks great and it sounds like you had a special weekend with your daughters. I’m glad you were able to check in with your husband via FaceTime. Technology definitely makes things easier.


  7. I cannot imagine 9 miles on the ‘mill. My “distance PR” on the ‘mill is 5 miles…and I’m quite content letting that stand on its own. You are showing all of us (and, hopefully yourself) what strength you have 😉 Chin UP!!

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  8. I’m sure it wasn’t the Valentine’s day wkend you wanted but looks like you made the best of it. At least you got to FaceTime your hubby! That’s the only thing I like about winter is wearing boots! Way to go 9 miles on the treadmill. I can never run consistently on that.

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  9. I’m very glad you took the time to write a post and link with us. See don’t you feel better reading all these encouraging words! Heck they even made me feel better! Sometimes I have to go through times that suck just so I know and appreciate the good time! Hugs to you!!

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