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Reasons to smile

Last week was difficult to get through, to say the least.  I think the week compounded by some crazy work drama that I was NOT expecting.  You know the old saying, “When it rains, it pours!” right?  Well, someone forgot her umbrella last week so I was drenched by the end of the week.

photo cred:
photo cred:

I was completely over myself, so Friday night we had “family movie night” and watched “Raiders of the Lost Arc.”  I then proceeded to have an extra couple glasses of wine, LOL, which led to an uninterrupted night’s sleep.  Something I haven’t had in weeks.  I woke up with a purpose, and that was to SMILE as much as possible over the weekend.

Here are my reasons to smile over the weekend, via photos.

lunch with my daughters
lunch with my daughters
We found a new dress for our Chicago staycation weekend next month. We’re going to see “The Lion King” and S wanted a new dress! 12 bucks at Once Upon a Child! Score!
Because wearing deodorant for the first time warrants a pic, at least according to her, LOL!!
Because wearing deodorant for the first time warrants a pic, at least according to her, LOL!!
Back at it with my planking after a few days off.
Back at it with my planking after a few days off.

And this:

My heart is full, indeed.
My heart is full, indeed.
My new wrap bracelet, and daily reminder.
My new wrap bracelet, and daily reminder.

Thanks to my friend Teri for getting me up and out the door on Sunday morning.  We ran at a nice easy pace and both got a lot off our chest.  Having felt pretty alone the last few weeks this is JUST what I needed.  6 miles later, and we were both smiling.

How was your weekend?  What do you do to make yourself smile during tough times?

Have a great week, y’all!



40 thoughts on “Reasons to smile

  1. daaaaaaaang that ring.

    but also, im glad you were able to smile! and sleep! sleep is my favorite, and if i have a couple of rough nights, oh man. the beast comes out hahah

  2. Glad to hear that the couple extra glasses of wine lead to restful night of sleep! The stay-cation sounds like a great idea when Chicago has so much (and more) to offer! Very cool bracelet!

  3. I had a few “smile” moments over the weekend. I’ve been battling a stomach bug and am just managing to get through the days (with my husband away). We enjoyed a Santa parade in the rain (yes, enjoyed) and soccer and swimming lessons. Oh, I can’t forget dancing/singing Frozen songs 🙂

  4. Because of travel and such son #2 Kevin hadn’t been up for a weekend since mid-October, and having him around made me smile all weekend! We also had his XC/sports banquet at Aurora Central yesterday, and it was the wrap up to a really good season for him. He said he loved being on the XC team!

    Hope it is a better week for you this week!

  5. We are both dealing with shitty hands at the moment, for completely different reasons. What is helping me is to always find a 2 “highs” for every “low.” Even when the lows seem to white wash every high.

  6. Sounds like a good weekend! Getting a full night of sleep is so important but hard to fit in. Getting to spend quality time with family and friends always puts a smile on my face too.

  7. Ha! Even an alcohol based sleep is awesome! I haven’t slept well in years, maybe I should try that trick, lol.

  8. #latetotheparty YES, I am just now seeing this…..I thought I had subscribed to your blog (???) I just “resubscribed” because (as we know) FB is so lame these days, I am missing out on so many things I want to see and seeing all kinds of crap that is unnecessary. Great pics, it’s always seeing you smile 😉

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