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Friday Five and mid year check

Here’s my Friday fives from the work week and mid year check in, in no particular order…

I contemplated briefly, running a fall marathon.  Yet after my 4 mile run in the heat and humidity, I changed my mind, immediately quickly.  I’ll focus on speed and getting my half marathon time under 2 hours, instead, like I initially planned.

LOL! Photo Cred: Princess and the Frog movie
Photo Cred: Princess and the Frog movie

I have continued to work on my moving forward mantra with lots of self-talk, doing things I love, and surrounding myself with positive people.  I’ve also made more effort to reach out to people who I know too, are struggling.  Yay for forward progress!

Or Photo cred: Myfitnesspal
Or this…lol
Photo cred: Myfitnesspal

I have been eating REALLY well for a few weeks now, (You can read about my shocking revelations here) and have lost maybe a lb. but that’s reaching.  Argh.  Someone pass me a cheeseburger and fries, PLEASE.  I’m truly at a loss…and not the weight kind.  Is it so much to ask to drop 5-10 lbs.?? LOL!!!


My legs/body is tired this week.  I physically feel ok, but every time I run it’s like I am carrying two lead filled bricks vs. legs.  I ran my last 4 miler in my long run pace of 10:30…seriously?  Why does everything hurt?  I am half contemplating skipping my 12 miler tomorrow…but am on the fence.  Even if I’ve cut long runs a bit short, I’ve never skipped one that I can recall…

pretty much how I feel this week, and when my alarm goes off at O'Dark 30 for my long runs.
pretty much how I feel this week, and when my alarm goes off at O’Dark 30 for my long runs.

After no more than 1 day off consecutively in the last 2 weeks, I am  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy it’s Friday.  I’ve got lots of plans filled with power washing my deck, staining said deck, and a baseball game with my family tomorrow night.  Sunday is my nephew’s 8th grade graduation and I can’t wait to see my sister and her family.  It always does my heart wonders to be near my peeps.

Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Have you ever had issues with coming to a stand still in regards to weight loss?  Have you ever skipped a long run during marathon training?  How are you coming along with your goals this year?

Happy National running day…week!!!

37 thoughts on “Friday Five and mid year check”

  1. Have I ever skipped a long run during marathon training?? Most definitely!! I’m not sure I have ever NOT skipped at least one long run during training. I think it’s a normal PART of training. Listen to your body and enjoy your weekend.

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  2. I never lose pounds… I’ve given up on it. I’d like to think my weight is all muscular but I think it might just be wine and cheese… LOL! But, seriously, I think weight loss is something that happens only if you’re really strict with your diet and you do light exercise. I think that if you are as active as we are, your body fights back and holds on to all the weight it can for fuel. But I’m not a scientist so take that with a grain of salt…

    I’ve had to miss a few long runs lately, and it sucks, but if your body is telling you to slow down, it’s better to miss a long run than to injure yourself. Maybe your body just wants a weekend off! 🙂


  3. I hope you have a good weekend! It sounds like you have a lot of fun plans with family time 🙂 I’ve definitely hit weight loss plateaus and sometimes I just have to go back to tracking what I’m eating and I’m generally eating more than I think I am. Otherwise, it’s just my body holding on to weight that I guess it needs for some reason. I try to concentrate on the actions I can control instead of the outcome and keep telling myself that if I eat healthy foods and stay active, that’s what’s best for me regardless of the number on the scale. But it’s hard to let go of that number 😦

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  4. Yay Friday!!! My legs have been heavy since my mile repeats a few days ago :/ I probably haven’t stretched enough – good thing I’ve got yoga coming up! And ugh weight…I’d love to lose 5 lbs. My weight fluctuates a bit so I’ve been successful at losing a couple pounds but then it comes right back after my ravenous feasts following a long run (you’d think burning nearly 2000 calories running a 20-miler would aid your weight loss not hurt it right?!?! Nope…just the opposite!) Anyways, you’re not alone in the struggle Michelle!!! At this point, I’ll just be happy if I don’t gain weight before the marathon LOL 🙂

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  5. Yes, my weight has stayed right within 2 lbs for the past 2 months and that is with running 40-50 mile weeks. The body just ain’t into loosing this year, usually by now I would be under 150, not even close. It is either that getting older thang or the weather is play havoc with the body’s hormones.

    Maybe you are due for a rest week, not just a few days, have a pizza, a cold drink, relax a little, rest a lot and then come back to it re-energized and ready to rock and roll.

    Making progress towards my goals


  6. Don’t be discouraged Lady! It will happen. You drinking enough water? Every time I am that sluggish, I find that I’m stinking dehydrated. Gets me every damn time. And good luck with your run tomorrow! 🙂


  7. It’s okay to take a break…You don’t want to over-stress your body! I’m training for a triathlon but injured my ankle about two weeks ago which seriously derailed my training…I think I’ll be ‘walking’ the running part of the triathlon since it’s at the end of this month 😦

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  8. I’ve been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for so long and the scale never seems to change. Ugh. I’ve skipped my long run before but I have only ever trained for a half, so I say do what feels best to you. Even that means a shorter run or rest day. Have a good weekend! 🙂


  9. I’m a few pounds over where I’d like to be. I figure it’s the over 50 things. UGH. It’s so warm and muggy in the mornings where I live, none of my runs are at paces I’m proud of. I just keep trudging along waiting on fall weather. It’s out of my control anyway. Just listen to your body. Go for your run, but if you hurt I’d cut it short. Better to be healthy and rested on race day.

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  10. In my short time of training I feel the days I don’t look forward to or feel sluggish turn on to be the most rewarding runs overall. When you can push through that mental block and come out on the other side you know you worked hard mentally which I believe is almost more important than the physical gains. Good Luck on the long run. 🙂

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  11. Sounds like you’re needing a run or two off to freshen up a bit. Marathon training is such a hard slog – it’s totally normal to need a mini-break from it. I missed a 20k run on Thursday because I was exhausted. No guilt. And I know that doing so will help me get to the end of the training block in one piece.

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  12. You are entering the toughest part of marathon training…taper time. Keep yourself busy friend. EVERYTHING will feel tired, legs will feel like lead….totally normal!! Chin up!

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  13. I was the same weight for as long as I can remember, in the last 2 years I’ve gained 17lb and now I’m having a hard time shifting it. It’s doesn’t go up and doesn’t go down it just won’t budge at all, as much as I hate admit it I’m starting to think it’s an age thing!

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  14. Oh, I’ve definitely been in the same wanting-to-skip-a-run boat. When that happens, I’ll go out and just tell myself to run one mile and see where I am. Usually, that one mile will turn into “well, how about one more…” and it snowballs until I hit my distance. Good luck! 🙂 But know that if you end up skipping it completely or cutting it short, that’s just part of this crazy running game we play.

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