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Friday Five!! #TGIF

Here are my Friday 5’s in which I’m loving, or not loving, in no real particular order:

1. I am still loving my Brooks Launch 2’s, and plan to order a second pair on pay day to break in for the marathon.  I love how lightweight they feel, the cushion they provide my legs, and the fact that my feet rarely (after racing last weekend everything hurt, lol) hurt after a long run.  Winning all the way around.

Maybe I'll get this color this time, what do you think?
Maybe I’ll get this color this time, what do you think?

2. I am not loving being a Mom to a teen.  I LOVE her…but wow, no one gave me the listed side effects in advance that come with raising a teen.  These side effects include the following, keeping in mind this list is NOT all inclusive.

Moodiness, snarkiness, outbreaks, tears, sarcasm, silent treatment and hatefulness, all with a side of ultimate love deep down to the core.  ❤

Was I this terrible?  Don’t answer that…I think I better apologize to my Mom for the umpteenth time for being such a crappy teen.  LOL!!!


3. I am loving the warmer temps here in the Chicagoland area.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to be out running in a tank and shorts.  Despite having to slow down and watch my breathing, there’s nothing like the sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair after a long day of work. I have however, forgotten my bug spray and sunscreen on my last couple runs.  Here comes the runner’s tan!!!


4. I am not loving the humidity.  ‘Nuff said.  But I WILL NOT complain about the heat.  Nope.  Not gonna happen…(recall Chiberia 2013/2014?!?!?!)


5. I am loving the fact that every day I dig a little deeper and reach a littler further towards my goals.  Whether it’s simply pinning one of MY recipes on Pinterest, or writing up a new blog post, I am reminded daily that I won’t give up on my dreams.

From @Womensrunning
From @Womensrunning

Tomorrow calls for 14-18 miles for my long run that I missed last weekend and then off to my youngest daughter’s first Ballet recital.  I was super stoked to get the surprise that my Mom is driving down from MN to attend!  YAY!!!  What are you all loving/not loving lately?  Any big plans for Mother’s Day weekend?

Keep Movin’ forward, y’all!

❤ Michelle

34 thoughts on “Friday Five!! #TGIF”

  1. I love my Launch shoes too. At first I thought they were kind of bulky since I was used to the Pure Flows, but with my new(ish) inserts the Flows didn’t hold up very well. I’m loving that I’m almost over my cold! Yay!

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  2. I love those colors for your shoes!! I am about to order a new pair of Kinvaras to break in before the marathon as well! I go through shoes so fast now it’s ridiculous.
    I’ve been embracing the warmer temperatures here lately too. I’m just so thankful it’s finally warmer and we’re done with winter. I know the heat will get worse but I am going to try my best to enjoy it throughout the summer 🙂

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    1. Thanks!!!! I can decide if I should get the same bright pink color I have or these more subdued ones, LOL. I don’t run half as many miles as you, but I know I’ll need some new ones for the marathon!!


  3. My teen graduates high school Tuesday and has be a royal pain. She too does ballet more specifically ballet theatre. We’ve been in the 80’s here in NM for a few weeks so I switched to running morning. Also, no one told me this running addiction would have a bi-product of shoe purchasing addiction. I currently run in New Balance 880 v3. Soon I will need a new pair as the miles stack up. 🙂


  4. Yay for running shoe happiness! I’ve got a big breakup to do with Mizuno as they’re just not working anymore. Very sad but onward. My teen turns 14 next month. Yes, a rollercoaster for sure. But all kinds of awesome at the same time. : )

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  5. Oh….TEENAGERS!! I’m NOT loving that either!!! They need to have a DAILY instruction manual on their behavior, so what you know what to expect!!

    I LOVE my Brooks Adrenalines! Those have been my favorite for a while! I took a break and used the Pure Connect, but eventually returned to the Adrenaline.
    It’s SO HOT in FL…makes the runs unbearable!! But I’m glad that you have some good weather!!!

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  6. That’s great that your mother is coming down this weekend! I also promised no complaining about the heat after the crazy winter we had. I’ve definitely been enjoying the warmer weather and had dinner outside twice this week 🙂


  7. Yay for tank top weather! We’re finally getting that in Alaska too (without the humidity though, thank god!) and I’m so excited!

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