Real life adventure…

I’ve taken a step back from the electronic world so to speak somewhat.  I have decided that I need to regroup, and refocus on my passions.

Yesterday my hubby and I went out for our 4 mile training run.  I briefed him that this run would be at a steady pace, and that he simply needed to stick with me.  We are in week 8 of an 18 week training plan while juggle working weekends, life, kids, and disintegrating windows coming off of our sum pump failing.  So last night after our appointment with Pella window dudes, we laced up and ran.

My dailymile recap went a little like this:

Great training/fartlek run with Brian. I can’t decide between my favorite moment for this run:
Jumping in the puddles, flying with my arms spread open yelling WHEEEEE, or Brian asking me to sneak off in to the woods, or kicking his butt while barreling up the hills at a 9:06 pace…
Splits were 9:30, 9:27, 9:12, and 8:51.

10 more weeks!
10 more weeks!

We completed our 4 mile run at a 9:15 pace, and held strong with negative splits.  But the best part of it all?  Spending the evening celebrating with a glass of wine, and talking.  I am blessed to be married to my best friend, the man I can share everything with…after talking about our friend’s pregnancy, we revisited the miscarriage we encountered just shortly before the conception of our baby Sophia in 2005.  And I cried.  I wiped the tears away remembering how hard it was to lose a child.  But I was blessed by a gift from God to have been blessed with a second child after doctors telling me to NOT try again in 2006.

I continue to wipe away the tears after reading the book, “One Lavender Ribbon” written by Heather Burch.  This book was about a women in her late 20’s that was recently divorced.  She picked up her life, moved to Florida and decided to restore a Victorian home.  While doing so, she found letters written in the WWII time frame, and sought out the Veteran that the letters were addressed to…in turn she found family, love, and hope.

My night was complete after taking my youngest to her dance class.   Her passion is music and dance, and for years I couldn’t find a class that adhered to the working Mother schedule.  Yet for the last 4 weeks I have been able to come home from work, get her ready, and take her to class.

Does it get cuter than this?
Does it get cuter than this?

And so, and the end of the crazy busy day, I realize how very blessed I am.  I work.  I train.  I am a Mom. I am a wife.  I am a friend.  And it’s all just plain awesome.

6 thoughts on “Real life adventure…”

  1. You’re living life like everyone else! That’s the most important aspect. Love it! Keep it real and keep going!


    1. Seems most people in this day and age are NOT living very positive lives,
      Or taking the time to step back which was why I was compelled to write this. Amen to keeping it real and keep going! ❤


  2. The most awesomeness of it all is realizing we are blessed. We are fortunate to recognize that and to be grateful for it.


  3. It’s all those little things that are there to be treasured that make life richer. You had a whole heap of little treasures for sure.


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