Movin’ forward with flexibility

I posted the question on my Facebook fan page today, as to whether or not people are flexible with their workouts.  As I was driving home from work tonight, my husband texted saying he was running late with meetings therefore our scheduled run would have to be postponed.  I could’ve freaked out and ran without him, but I am so excited that he is embracing running that I opted to move our scheduled run from today, to tomorrow.

So what do you do when you have a night free from running?  Take a nap Cook dinner and housework, of course, finished with some much needed strength training.

I really wanted a nap...just sayin'...
I really wanted a nap…just sayin’…


Tonight I made homemade crab cakes with spinach and cornflake ‘crumbs’ to keep them gluten free.  Although I don’t have Celiac disease, I have noticed limiting my gluten has helped my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I served them with red beans that I soaked and sautéed for HOURS along with cauliflower and shitake mushroom yummy goodness.  Yup, overall delish!  (I only had one tiny piece of bread, lol, I am weak).


After dinner while my husband mowed our ginormous yard, I thought hmmm…maybe I should run.  Maybe…but the yummy food stuffs had settled nicely in the bottom of my stomach, so I opted to clean windows, and do my strength work out which consisted of:

3 sets of bicep curls

3 sets of shoulder presses

3 sets of squats-25 each

50 sit ups

50 push ups

tacking on a 2 mile walk today for good measure

Tomorrow the ‘window guy’ will come and assess our windows…I am nervous after having just spending a pretty penny on 2 sum pumps, but the condensation is getting so terrible that it needs to be addressed.  Oh, and after this lovely appointment my hubby and I have some miles to tackle.


The ultimate point of this post is, are you flexible with your work outs when life stuff gets in the way?

6 thoughts on “Movin’ forward with flexibility”

  1. Most definitely. One of the things I have learned with my crazy hypothyroidism is to listen to my body. I could have a run planned but sometimes the body is just not up to it. So instead I just do an alternative workout. I normally try to push through but for the most part there are time that I have to come to terms with being flexible about my schedule.


  2. I LOVE crab cakes! What a great twist on them! I love the idea of using spinach. 🙂
    I am definitely flexible, especially now that I have a kiddo at home. You never know what kinds of crazy things can come up so you have to be able to work around it!


  3. Mmmmm… cauliflower… I haven’t had it in, what it seems, ages!

    Renovations/reparations are always costly! I know that in Canada, we have a program right now under which you can deduct your renovation expenses when you do your taxes. It’s always nice to catch a break, Maybe see if you guys have anything similar?

    Recently, I’ve been waaaaay too flexible with my workouts and skipped quite a few of them, which shouldn’t be the case since I have a Spartan Beast in less than 3 weeks. However, today. I think I realized what’s wrong. Just like in your gif, I need to sleep some more. I’ve been too tired because of lack of sleep and work stress. So it should be an easy fix 🙂

    Enjoy tonight’s run with your hubby! xoxo OLena


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