Friday, training

Five things, Friday


This week has been a little crazy.  I am working 6 days this week, which always puts me off course in trying to get everything done around the house.

So here are my “five things”…

1.  Taking the time to unplug more, has given me a lot more time to read, write, cook, and get stuff done around the house.  Today was my only day off, so I cleaned the garage, finished staining my deck, and repainted my fire pit.  Note to self, use the right color paint.  I accidentally bought WHITE heat resilient paint, so as soon as I started spraying I thought OH CRAP.  A second trip to the home depot saved the day.  It is now a pretty black.



2.  The hubby and I have stayed on point with our half marathon training.  We were both visibly tired tonight when get got home from work, and while we stood on our driveway I said, “I don’t want to run.”  This rarely happens.  But I just wasn’t feeling it.  It was humid, and getting ready to rain and I simply was feeling like a lazy thug.  We ran anyway, and finished at a decent pace of around 9:45.  We normally do our long runs at a 9:30 pace, but I needed to slow down, and heck, that’s ok sometimes too.


3.  I have truly been enjoying taking my youngest to dance class at the park district.  She really enjoys it, and although I am still having a hard time getting her to focus during class-I see how happy she is and that makes it all worth while.

I can't help but to sing this song on the way to her class, LOL
I can’t help but to sing this song on the way to her class, LOL


4.  Note to self: do NOT eat this for lunch on the day of a longer run.  Yeah…my stomach nearly killed me the entire 10k.

photo credit to JM
photo credit to Jersey Mikes

5.  I rarely wish days away, but I can tell you I am already dreading the next two days of work.  I am not doing my regular job as a Histology Lab supervisor, as a few of the lab supervisors have to rotate through weekends being in charge of the ENTIRE lab.  Yikes…I hate not knowing the answers to people’s questions…Is it Sunday afternoon yet?

Yup, this will be me.  Pray for minimal crisis control this weekend, PLEASE!  LOL
Yup, this will be me. Pray for minimal crisis control this weekend, PLEASE! LOL


What are you training for?  Do you ever have to step out of your comfort zone at work and do additional duties?  If so, how to you cope?


Have a great weekend, gang!

18 thoughts on “Five things, Friday”

  1. My mom used to sing that song to me. Tippy toes was my nickname and when I was in dance for all of 15 or so years my mom would still sing that song or call me tippy toes. She will get it. It’ll get to her heart and watch out. 🙂


  2. Yay for little dancers! When Thing 2 was 3 she took ballet and the class was pure chaos for the poor teacher cuz nobody paid attention. It was the cutest though! Coveting your firepit!


  3. I hope it’s smooth sailing at your lab this weekend. Or you could always use the technique one of my kids’ teachers used when they didn’t know the answer – “I’d like you to go away and think about that for a while’.


  4. I totally get the hating not knowing the answers to people’s questions. Two weeks ago my boos went on leave so I was the boss! Yikes! I was so glad when he was back, Good luck these next two days!


  5. So you didn’t follow the advice “listen to your body”: you ran and you made the right thing.
    Indeed that sandwich looks heavy before a workout.
    I hope you have spent a good week end.


  6. I’m training for a 50k and a 50-miler – it definitely keeps me busy!! I like this post – especially the part about unplugging… I need to work on that!


  7. I probably mentioned it, I’m training for the Spartan Beast which is only 2 weeks away. Unfortunately, I had to take on extra responsibilities at work too. Why is it unfortunate? Because I’ve been working for 3 people over the past 8 months, my salary didn’t triple however. I try to look at it as a learning curve. Also, I look super good on my score card, definitely a good time to ask for a raise or a promotion 🙂

    PS. I learned it a hard way too what not to eat before a longer run lol!


  8. I hope work went okay! I am in a similar situation now, being told to do something I am not very familiar with… I don’t like it! 😉


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