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The obligatory like

Part 1.

I caveat this post, with the fact it has nothing to do with food, or fitness-at least the physical type…

I will however say, it has a lot to do with moving forward, or ‘keep movin’ forward as my mantra states.

First point: Social media doesn’t always make you socially connected with people. Can I get an amen? It hit me recently that while scrolling through news feeds and ‘liking’ people’s posts, I still felt very removed from many people’s lives.

I have been doing a little ‘soul searching’ journey if you will over the last several weeks. More so, because I saw myself spiraling back in a bit of a negative funk that I did NOT want to revisit.
While on my bike ride last weekend, I decided to open my mind up a bit, and try and figure out what my deal was lately…
Guess what…I realized that despite who I wanted to blame, it was MY fault for allowing others creep up on my joy like thieves in the night…Time for some “Talk to the hand” action again. Right?

So lately on this journey of moving forward, I decided I would put forth more effort in things I found tugging at my heart. One, is being so close, yet still so far apart from my family. Realizing you can’t just pick up the pieces after being gone for 20 years I knew I needed to try harder. I miss them dearly, so I picked up the phone…

I reached out to my sister first, and we’ve decided to run Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth Minnesota next summer. She has ran the race previously, but since this race is in our hometown I thought HOW COOL would it be to run it TOGETHER!!!! She agreed, and we signed up on opening day-July 1st.
With that, I WON a shirt and a goodie bag for sign up on opening day. HOW. COOL. IS. THAT. LOL…ok, maybe not that cool but having not won many things in the past, this girl was stoked.

My hometown marathon!
My hometown marathon!

Secondly, I called my parents last night…often times a month can go by without us catching up as life gets busy, and time is easily lost track of in the midst of careers, travel, life, kids, training, household disasters, etc…LOL.

In the end, I am glad I picked up the phone vs. just liking status posts or pics on fb…sometimes you need to hear that person’s voice to really feel that social connection.
Is it me, or is social media making us LESS social?

to be continued…stay tuned for Part 2.

13 thoughts on “The obligatory like”

  1. Social media definitely helps in some ways, but it also removes us in a lot of ways. It’s a good tool, but only when used well. Also, I ran Grandma’s Marathon this year and loved it! You’re in for a good race!


  2. I agree..:( I find myself pretty lonely lately. I think picking up the phone and talking is necessary. I miss my friends (you) among others. I think social media is becoming negative lately at least for me. Great post. Xoxo let’s reconnect soon.


  3. I think social media CAN make us less social. It is pretty easy to hide behind the image you want to portray. I try to make it real–what you see is what you get, and if people don’t like it, oh well, right?

    I’m glad your sister signed up with you…I can’t talk about running around my sister (who tells me I’m her best friend-ha!) because she just shuts me down. I think it is her own insecurity but it sure hurts! Aren’t best friends supposed to share everything?



  4. Agree!! I did the same thingon Wednesday and just picked up the phone to reconnect. Felt great 🙂

    I may be getting in on that grandmas marathon next year!!!!!!


  5. For a long time I was disconnected from my family but after hard work we got back “together” then after my dad died last year, I’ve been feeling like that again but this time I am making more of an effort to keep in touch with my mom and brother. They were thee only close family I have and love them dearly. So, this is a long winded way to say I am happy you are connecting with your family more. 🙂


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