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The end of an era (or 2)…

I have struggled keeping my Facebook page alive these last few months with the changing algorithms FB is has forced on us…the pages that don’t pay to promote or boost have been shoved to the back of the line, with the sneakiest of moves-magically unliking my page from my closest friends, and hiding it from nearly everyone.

I built my page back in late 2012, as an outlet to give motivation and inspiration to those who may need it at any given moment. I, having been at a pretty dark place in my life more times then I can count know how important it is to get positive feedback. Some scoff at sharing motivational pics, posts, etc…but I have come to enjoy sharing cool pictures I find, and even ones I’ve made myself.

But the FB gurus and powers that be, have decided which pages to keep movin’, and which to sideline. Mine, was a choice of the latter sense, and it left my heart rather heavy, and admittedly with a few tears. I won’t take the page down…no. I’ve worked to hard for it…but I will focus more on other outlets to reach those in need…

Why, you ask? I was the person in need once (ok, more than once)…and I was told to “suck it up butter cup.” “Put your big girl panties on.”
I was told I was OK…I was told, YOU. are fine. But I wasn’t fine…for a long time. I was terrified, scared, and suffering from nightmares I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Just wait…My book on PTSD and the lack of help the military provides will be authored, one day…yet again, I digress.

But I kept moving forward. Somehow by the grace of God, I didn’t give up…

And THAT was the premise of my FB page.

But FB wants happy stories of butterflies and unicorns…and I just can’t keep that promise daily.

So tonight, I sidelined my work out for something much more important: My eldest daughter’s last band performance. She’s decided to give it up as she tackles her high school career so as a family we attended her last concert. I laughed, teased from the audience, and made her giggle as the younger grades performed. She (I think) loves the fact that her family is so darn silly…
But then, the 8th grade was ready to perform, and I saw and heard my baby girl play beautifully, and I had to choke back the tears of pride.
My kids have given me a run for my money this year…school has been a struggle for them both between academics and social interaction. BUT tonight, I watched my baby play her flute at an 8th grade level, and found myself beaming. She’s kept movin’ forward too…and I couldn’t be more proud.


I leave you all with this…people will try to steal your joy, rain on your parade, and expect more than you can often offer….
My advice?
Keep Movin’ forward…leave the negative behind…and always, believe in yourself.

❤ Michelle

10 thoughts on “The end of an era (or 2)…”

  1. Michelle – I understand the dissatisfaction with Facebook – why not just post this on your Facebook page and make this your inspiration which those of us who need it look for from you. Even if only one person finds some hope – that’s one person who you have helped… I need to be more faithful about yelling you how much I love your honesty and what an inspiration you are… xoxoxo ♥


      1. I get the most reads when I put my word press blogs on my FB page – and I don’t have to pay ! xox


  2. Its funny you posted this today because I had a conversation with a friend as to why I never told her I had a blog FB page. As I told her, I want my page to reach those that it can inspire. For some reason I know my friends and family will probably look at it as “who the heck are you to give me advise”. So, when I created I invited only friends who I know are into what I do. I know it sounds snobbish but I know I am saving myself some heartache in the end 🙂


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