Obligatory Mother’s day post, and more…

I never thought I would be a Mother.  I never wanted kids growing up…it just wasn’t a life goal of mine.  I have always considered myself a free spirit, and one who wanted to fly by the seat of my pants.  I never used to be good with commitment…I have had so many failed relationships in my life both growing up, and in my 20’s that I found counting on myself was my best bet…

But in 1999 I was blessed with a gift…after more miscarriages then I can count, my life changed with a positive pregnancy test just after Christmas of ’99.  September 22nd I was blessed with a child, a gift from God, and a reminder that life is a miracle.  Just months later I found myself divorced, alone with an infant, and scared out of my mind. 

How would I raise a child on my own, when I never even dreamed of having kids?  I didn’t have family close to help, so I held on dearly to my Air Force family that helped me raise my little J for the first 3 years of her life…

And then…I met my soul mate in 2003, and my life would be forever changed.   He not only fell in love with me, he fell in love with my daughter who would soon become his first born.  I was told to never try and have more kids…yet we tried in 2004, with our first attempt resulting in a miscarriage.  I wasn’t sure I could try again…but WE did…and a second miracle graced herself in our life, and we are now a family of four +1 furbaby. 

Today I was woken up to my family dressed in running gear, with gifts of running gear for Mommy…I held back the tears, changed my clothes, and hit the trails running/walking with my family. MY family…my “persons” knowing what I love best, planned a beautiful day of running, going out to breakfast, and BBQ’ing in our backyard…


I USED to think my life would always be in turmoil…I had a couple decades of very tough years…heck, haven’t we all?


But I changed my mindset, and in doing so, I changed my life. I continue to surround myself with positive forces, friends, and family who keep me movin’ forward. 

Tonight, we signed up for a half marathon…but not just ANY half marathon…my husband decided to run a half marathon WITH me…YAHOOO!  I can’t wait.  Fox Valley half here we come!!!

After a nice week of rest, this week start back at it with training! 

What are you training for?

12 thoughts on “Obligatory Mother’s day post, and more…”

  1. So happy Brian is running the half marathon with you. Also happy you are still writing, and still helping us all Move Forward. xoxo


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