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Second interview…what???

I have done a lot of soul searching these last few months. And it hit me like a ton of bricks just yesterday that the only person holding me back…well…is ME.

I am a retired Air Force MSgt. I am a Mom. I am an Army wife. I am a friend. I am a marathoner. I do all of these said things, with PRIDE.

Yet I have let others dictate my path the last few years, while I struggled to find my way after retiring.
I looked for support from people I expected it from, more so because I’ve always given THEM my support.

So this past Tuesday I got called back for a second interview with my prospective new employer. I think it went well, and even heard back from my tentative new boss on Wednesday and was excited to hear him say, “You will hear soon from HR.”

Yet here it is, Sunday afternoon, with no word or call back and I find myself in an odd place not having a job to go to tomorrow. I will get up early still and get my kids off to school…and then what? I’ve never been unemployed….even the couple months after retiring from the Air Force I still brought in a pay check as I saved almost 3 months of leave to give me time to find a job. I’ve always planned ahead for nearly everything in life…so living in the unknown has been tough for me.

I haven’t ran in ONE week, and I am going nuts. But my poor stomach and lack of sleep have left me with little to no energy. So I am charging myself with going for a run after my kids both get on the bus tomorrow…rain…or shine…cold….or wind. I need some miles. I need to regroup, restart, and relax in the faith I have in the man upstairs and all the work I’ve done. My fingers are crossed that things turn out as they should…

With that, I’ll keep movin’ forward.

12 thoughts on “Second interview…what???”

  1. Michelle you know change is hard. This change shapes us and strengthens us. Embrace this time as a stepping stone of unexpected things to come. No amount of preparation abd control can fix things and guarantee a smooth outcome. It is the rough stuff that makes us stronger. The number one thing you need to do is take care of yourself. You got it right on the need to run today. Don’t worry about your second interview – maybe you are meant to travel in a different direction abd you can’t get there without being sidetracked that way. If you asked me five years ago if my life would be like it is today I would have this you no way. I had a plan. But circumstances and changes greater than me moVed me this way. I was laid of two times, found a new job I loved, had to move to a different job for family/ personal reasons, was happy there, had a child’s who rebelled, got in trouble with the law and school and the spiraled out of control, had to learn to navigate the mental health medical world and fight for my child andgrieve all that was lost. Then my husband was laid off and I had a choice to stay where I was or fight for our future and move. Sounds easy but I was ready to give up and against the pain and stay put. So we moved hundreds of miles and are trying to figure out how to put the pieces together. I have been trying to get my teaching license for 5 months. I am working but feel unemployed because it doesn’t resemble what I thought I would or should be doing. Who goes from being a muddled school science teacher to first grade teacher to dog trainer all while trying to help a teenage child through sobriety and addiction and still try to be a normal wife and parent? You got this Chelle. You are greater than these challenges. You are an overcome.


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