Half way mark!


Last week I modified my training; I realized I did TOO MUCH too soon.  So instead of biking or doing a long mid-week run, I supplemented doing my short runs and strength training.  My mileage suffered, but my knees were thankful.   

I finished the week with 24 miles, with the highlight being my 13.13 run on Saturday. 

It hurt. 

I wasn’t easy. 

I began the week thinking what the hell.  I can’t run 4 stinking miles comfortably….how can I do 26.2?????????

And then I met up with my fellow pacer and running friend, Melissa on Saturday and we KILLED our 13.1 miler. 

We were smart. 

We stopped to pee…fuel…and stretch.  But we ran…we ran through beautiful trails, sun pouring down on us, and shade hugging us…we ran.  We held our pace for the entire training run, and I believe it’s safe to say we were giddy. 
10:30 pacers rule.  Yup. 


We are only half way there. 

No…we’ve already finished HALF of our long runs.  Yes. 

But I am training with my heart this time.  I know now that all the silly crap in life is just that…SILLY.  I am not letting myself count on anyone for this race, these miles, other than myself. 

I have let go of confidence crashers, financial discord, and everything in between. 

So now, when I run, I RUN.  I leave all the crap behind. 

Now brings on week 9 of Fox Valley Marathon training. 

I pushed off my rest day and ran 2 miles today, prepped healthy meals, and am now relaxing with a glass of wine. 

14 miler Saturday?  Sure…


I will now keep Movin’ forward.  Forward thinking.  Forward movement.  Forward goal setting. 

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