Today marked my third week in a row of 6 day work weeks, and sadly it caught up to me…I am still not used to the hours, or the fumes that come with working in a histology lab and I was ‘un’welcomed today with a migraine.  I haven’t had a headache like this in almost 2 years, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I got home at 3 o’clock and immediately retired to my recliner to rest until 4 o’clock when I needed to go pick up my youngest from after school care.  Normally a bit of rest takes care of minor headaches, but this one was a doozy, and I had to drag myself up to go get S from daycare and get the girls fed and settled.  I poured myself into a hot shower with my youngest hoping that would ease the pressure on my neck, but no such luck.  Sadly, said headache resulted in S missing out on a cool play date, but hey…life goes on, right?  Mommy wasn’t right tonight.  Thankfully some meds, lots of water, and more rest gave me the relief I needed.  Workouts=nada…but tomorrow is a new day.

Today’s challenges:  My dog decided to roll around in raccoon poop.  Yup.  Full fledged rolling, which resulted in FULL FLEDGED STANK.  This set my migraine in a downward spiral, and I was blessed in the fact my oldest hosed him down outside while I picked up my youngest from school and picked up dinner.  Yea…we had Taco Bell.  Don’t judge.  I haven’t eaten Taco Bell in over a year. I needed some comfort food. LOL.  Diet restarts tomorrow. 

Tonight’s blah:  I miss my husband.  Am I werid in the fact that I actually LIKE spending time with the same guy for almost ten years now?  My house seems so empty when he’s not here…and today is our two year anniversary of being in our ‘dream home’ in St. Charles, IL.  After all is said and done, people coming and going, he has remained my constant in life…he may not understand everything I do, but in the end he’s there for me when I need him…be it physically or mentally. 

Lastly…sometimes we feel discombobulated.  And that is ok…tomorrow is a new day. 

Hang on to your constants.  Love life.  And keep movin’ forward. 

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