If you could pick two things, this Tuesday…

What are your two top THINGS in life…not sure I can narrow it down…

I used to think my “things” were family, and career. 

I have come to a cross road in life, where career means less, and my family and friends mean MORE.  I didn’t run tonight due to knee pain, and guess what?  I was ok with it…Instead I came home, made some amazing tacos for dinner, and spent time with my family instead of hiding on my recliner behind closed eye lids. 

I laughed with my oldest, mocking her “it was like, um, like, yeah” terminology and just hearing her laugh made my day. 
My oldest, and my dog…how can you not love this pic?

I bathed my youngest, and spent an extra 20 minutes with her singing while drying her beautiful locks.  She told me her new “law” is you can’t leave her room without hugs and kisses…I’ll gladly abide by this law. 

I had a great phone conversation with my Mom about my new job, life, and my race recap.  We don’t get to talk nearly as often as I’d like, so it was awesome to catch up.   

I talked in lengths with my husband about our upcoming budget and how we would BE OK, because we’ve done our best to be smart over the years.   There will be give and take, but we will never go without. 

I spent over an hour replying and posting on all the amazing blogs I follow.  Check out this link for an amazing blog and giveaway http://www.ilaxstudio.com/blog/2013/04/09/myo-release-ball-giveaway/

I spent 30 minutes on strength training, doing core and weights while letting my knee rest. 

I texted with my friend Janel, who I was blessed to share my PR and last weekend with…

Life, is good. 

15 thoughts on “If you could pick two things, this Tuesday…”

  1. Thanks for the link 🙂 That sounds like an awesome Tuesday night! I am not sure what two things would be on my list, but I know work would not be one. Ha ha.


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