In 2 days, 9 hours, and 40+ minutes I will be toeing the line for the greatest race of my life

But I will add the caveat that this is the greatest RUNNING race of my life, for I have raced so many other “life” challenges that I can honestly say I have already won my own personal race. 

I have hit my lowest point, more times than I can count.  And repeatedly I have gotten back up after falling, and ‘re-laced my shoes.”

I think this is why I love running so much.  You may have the crappiest run, sorriest race, or saddest performance.  But tomorrow, you can put your shoes back on and try again.  It is the same with life and all it hands us daily. 

We all have ailments, issues, and pressures that can ultimately keep us from our goals.  But if we KEEP PUSHING FORWARD, nothing can truly stop us from fulfilling our goals.  The only thing holding US back is, well, US.  Living in the past, hanging on to hard times, or wallowing in our sorrows only hurts US. 

Lately I have worried about my physical well-being which in turned hurt my mental well-being.  I have spent the last few days crying over nearly everything.  Wondering would I cross that finish line on Sunday…would I?  I cried the entire way home from work, feeling isolated from even my own family.  Yet I came home to find my husband and daughters bought me 2 dozen roses just because…just because they love me.  They know I am stressed, scared, excited, and in need of a good run. 

But tonight my amazing massage therapist (Kim, at Massage Envy in South Elgin) was selfless, and came in on her day off to give me a 2 hour massage for my IT band, knee, feet, and hammies.  She knows what this means to me after having me as a client this entire training process.  She has changed my life in the fact she helped work out more kinks than I care to admit.  She wouldn’t let me give up.  And she believes in me, so much so she has volunteered to work the medical tent on Sunday.  I truly love this woman.  She is giving so much of herself, not only for me but for the other runners.  What an amazing woman.  Thankfully I have an appointment for NEXT Saturday, after my 8 miler to hopefully fix all that I may break, LOL. 

Lastly, best of luck to my fellow runners.  May you find your inner peace, outer strength, and have the wind in your sails. 

Bring on Chicago people.  No stopping me now. 

6 thoughts on “In 2 days, 9 hours, and 40+ minutes I will be toeing the line for the greatest race of my life”

  1. did I mention previously how excited I am for you? There IS no stopping you……you're strong, both mentally and physically, and you're going to have a great day on Sunday. Like I've said before…..you've put in the hard work over the past few months, and now it's time to enjoy the parade!


  2. Isn't taper week o' so much fun???? hahaha Sounds like you have a great support team. Enjoy every moment of your day. Enjoy the sounds, the smells, the sweat and the victory of crossing the finish line. Sounds like it is well earned and will be a sweet beautiful victory!


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