T-4…no looking back.

I was getting caught up in not running very much in the last 3 weeks.  But then my friend Kyla reminded me that I have done the work, and I should be thankful I am healthy enough to even ATTEMPT running a marathon.  She came over tonight so we could discuss outfits (very important, yet not so much in the scheme of things) and it was great to introduce her to my family. 

Some runners spaz over outfits, gear, music, you name it…I too am very OCD when it comes to planning for race day.  Even now, 4 days out I have my fuel belt packed, my outfit set out, my Garmin charged and all my required items sitting on the kitchen counter. 

I honestly can’t think of much else these days…

My sis balked at me trying a new shirt, yet clothes have never been an issue for me as long as they are comfy and I know the brands.  Sure, I bought a new bright orange loose fitting tank…have I worn it outside of the house?  Nope…will it be an issue?  Nope.  My focus is on the run, my legs moving, and my mind staying strong. 

Of course we are all different and have our own ‘spaz items.’  Clothes simply aren’t one of mine.  More so I have never chaffed except for my feet, so I suppose I am blessed in that area. 

Take away my fuel belt, my music, or my Garmin and I may have an issue…LOL. 

So here we are…FOUR more days…to add in my always busy career…may my mind find peace and rest Friday night and Saturday so I can feel like I can do EPIC SH$#! 

I have been eating well all week, and getting what little rest I can with a busy career and two kids in school. My husband is completely irritated with me, probably because 1. I haven’t ran since Saturday and 2. Well, because I am a wreck.  But in a good way.

Cheers to all the runners, spectators, supporters, friends, family, and fellow bloggers who understand where I’ve been, and where I am at today.  XOXO

7 thoughts on “T-4…no looking back.”

  1. I'm a nervous wreck, too. Hang in there. It will all be overwith soon.My biggest worry is going out too fast & blowing up. My legs don't know what running flat feels like. 😉


  2. Praying for a restful body, a patient husband and children who know when to "leave mommy alone" hahaha Although I don't really know you, I believe you will be ready and you will rock this! Looking forward to the recap


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