ONE day…11 hours…02 minutes…

I have dreamed for this goal for longer than I can recall…

I have worked for this set goal for 10 months…

And now momentary freak out has occurred.  I am watching the weather.  I am watching the clock.  I am setting and re-setting out my gear.  I am doubting myself. Again.  I am proud of myself.  I am wondering if my play list is good enough.  Did I charge my Garmin?  Where did I put my jellys…am I packing enough Shot Bloks?  Did I remember my salt tabs…oh shit, don’t forget my gum-I can’t run without gum.  Will it be too cold?  Do I wear capri’s under my skirt?  Have I eaten ok this week?  Am I too bloated?  Will my darn KNEE hold out?  Is that a new pain I feel in my shin?  Shit, where are my shoes.  Should I wear my new knee brace or go with the old ratty one…Wait, what do I do if my knee gives out?  Can I RUN 26.2 miles?  I’ve only gone 20 miles twice…Can I mentally pull this rabbit out of my hat?  What if my stomach blows…what if my knee blows…what if my IT band screams.  BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ok…SO in my momentary freak out mode, unable to load new music, unable to concentrate, and near tears I texted Kyla.  We may not be running this entire race together but we’ve trained for quite a few months together and plan on starting together.  She has been my rock, my smile, and my saving grace.  So I sent her a text tonight during the above said freak out, and she reminded me…BREATHE…stop…SMILE…and enjoy all of the efforts we put in to our training. 

This isn’t supposed to feel good (totally) physically.  Shit is going to hurt.  But in the end the mental triumph TRUMPS all that pain. 

I am truly amazed by the unending support of people.  People I know well, people I barely know, and people I have never physically met. 


Crap…where are my shoes…J

10 thoughts on “ONE day…11 hours…02 minutes…”

  1. I remember having the exact same feelings last year, but just like Kyla said just breathe and smile. You have done the work and you are ready. Enjoy the day!! I heard someone refer to the marathon is your victory lap after all the training! I love that way of thinking of it!! Good luck! I will be on the look out for you and Bobbi :)I am volunteering at the mile 18 aid station!


  2. OMG…I just got the chills…Seriously! I am so freakin excited for you, and yes…all those emotions are real and alive. But the advice of your wise friend is one to be reminded of…it is the moment you have been working for, training for, dreaming of…savor it, live it, and enjoy every moment of it. Run it with all your might, strength and determination…but also for your release, your exhileration, your ability to endure…and for all of those out there unable to do so at the moment…we are living through people like yourselves ;)Best of luck…


  3. You are going to do GREAT!!!! I had the same freak out before my first full this summer and did just fine (and you will too!) Best of luck to you, enjoy every moment (even the painful ones) and be so proud that you made it all the way to the starting line (and 26.2 miles later the FINISH!!)


  4. You are awesome, Michelle!! It is okay to have the jitters! I know you will block them out when the race starts. Remember, fill your mind with the love and support you have, and the cheerleaders who are pushing you through every step! Just take it one step at a time, you are amazing. Best wishes sweetie!! xoxo


  5. woke up at 6:00 my time praying for you. Not sure when the race started but you were either getting ready to toe the line or had been running for a bit already. Many blessings to you. Looking forward to the race recap!!!


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