T-18 days

This has been quite the year…

I started training for my full marathon, even before I signed up in February (I believe).  When I signed up, I had horrible knee and IT pain, but knew if I registered I would be committed to finishing.  My husband was gone for nearly half that year…but I refused to let it stop me.


-I don’t start things that I can’t finish.  I don’t make excuses.  And I don’t quit…

-I ran nearly 600 miles this year.  Not a lot for some, but HUGE for me…

But this last year hasn’t been without hardships, injury, or hard work. 

So here I am, 18 days out, and unable to run because I HAVE to listen to my body.  I don’t want to have trained this LONG, and not be able to finish…

Yet I find myself lost without the trails.  Without the breeze hugging me as I run through the Fox River trails…without the amazing wildlife that greets me on the trails.  I can have the roughest day imaginable, but a simple heartfelt run puts me back in the place I need to be to get things done.

So now, I wait…I ice, I rest, and I give my knee the ultrasound therapy it needs each night. 

If you have issues, check out this website:

This has truly changed the health of my knee.

I recommend this site highly for those who suffer as I do…

My last post talked of healthy eating habits, and yeah, I failed miserably eating a chili dog today.  Bah.  This 5 lbs. (more like 10) has to go, and NOW.  The weight is truly taking its toll on my body…I haven’t weighed this much since giving birth to my last child.  BAH. 

I have lived in St. Charles for just over a year now, and am starting to find my place…I just hope as the new girl I can fit in with the running crowd as I’ve met so many amazing people. 

I may not hit the roads tomorrow, but I will do my best to rest, recover, and regain my strength for Chicago.  My sub 5hr race is within reach.  I just need to focus, train, and not let anything get me down. 

7 thoughts on “T-18 days”

  1. Good for you listening to your body. I've made the mistake of not doing that and ended up with tendonitis and IT band inflammation. You have put in the hard work and the body will recognize that on race day. So rest up and ice, because you got this!


  2. That's a neat looking machine. Makes me want to order one just in case me or my husband ever need it. Stay strong & don't let yourself get down. You will finish Chicago with a smile on your face. It's a HUGE accomplishment just to finish 26.2. Oct 8th, get the sticker for your car & be proud!


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