T-19 days, and counting…


My last few LONG runs, I have let myself rest for several days.  Let’s be real, and admit that my knees are old, and have more miles on them then I care to count.

But today, I finally got the appointments for my mammogram and ultrasound, and admittedly needed to run.  I have often thought it was the trees, birds, wildlife in general as well as the path that called to me for these runs.  But I realized tonight, it was I who needed this release.  I needed to clear my mind, my heart, my HEAD of all that was swimming inside of me, yet as I started this run I knew I may not have success.  Yet I got off of work, picked up my youngest and after getting home, quickly changed into my running gear before I could change my mind. 

I drove the 15 minutes to my favorite windmill just outside of Batavia, and parked my jeep.  I was feeling a little discombobulated, but I hit the trails and battled the ever hated first mile.  I kept trying to tell myself the first mile always sucks.  But as I crossed the bridge over the Fox River to loop back, I realized I plain, HURT.  My knee, my Achilles, my IT band and everything else in between was screaming at me…My breathing was fine, but that is about the only good thing I can say about this ‘run’ if you can call it a run…

I stopped at around 2.5 miles, and with tears in my eyes and a mile to go I walked…I turned my Runtastic app off, shut down my Garmin, and sadly hung my head.  Just two days ago I RAN 20 miles, with only minimal stops to stretch, pee, and get through the water stops without pouring water all over my face.  I made myself run another ¼ mile to the Jeep, and crawled in after a few stretches.

Driving home I was in tears and the sheer pain I felt in my knee from just pressing down on the gas pedal put my emotions into overdrive. 

I know this is slightly normal, but I had hoped all of my training would leave me strong for my 3 week taper.  Not so much…

So I took a hot shower, and washed off all the negative vibes.  I propped my knee up on a pillow on the couch, and gave myself 2 ultrasound therapy treatments.  It is feeling slightly better, so I hope another day or two of rest and I’ll be back on the trails. 

Goals for the next 3 weeks:

1.      Taper smart and taper strong. 

2.      Keep running my short runs fast and long runs easy.

3.      Drop at least 5 lbs with a healthy diet and hopefully a smaller appetite due to fewer miles.

4.      Listen to my body, yet don’t get lax.

5.      Ultimately finish the Chicago Marathon in less than 5 hours.  4:59 is acceptable. 

A huge shout out to everyone who has commented and supported me, as well as my friend Sandy.  I WON a giveaway finally!!!  Check out her blog!!!  http://bostonboundbrunette.blogspot.com/ 

Happy hump day tomorrow, may you all have a blessed week, happy miles, and healthy limbs. 

Lastly, I AM NOT A ROBOT!  Please take that setting off your blog!  It makes it so hard to comment!  xoxoxo

7 thoughts on “T-19 days, and counting…”

  1. I totally agree…it's your first marathon & the goal should be to finish healthy so you can celebrate with a martini later. 😉 Don't stress, you will be fine. Enjoy the day. BTW, I have the robot stuff on my blog to keep spammers away.


  2. 20 miles is a long long way. You are probably going to need a few days to recover. I always have a poor run or two after a spectacular long run. It is a bummer, but it always happens! You have the fitness for a sub-5 marathon now. You will still have that same level of fitness 2.5 weeks from now, regardless of how much you run from now until then. That means: Use this time to rest and recover. BTW, I like your "no robot" comments section!


  3. I'm also suffering the toll of the 20-miler. A little bit of rest is mentally the most annoying thing in the world right now, but its the best thing for us! Hope you are feeling 100% SOON!


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