T-20 days…WHAT?????????

First off, lessons learned from my 20 miler:

1.       Stick to what you know, and what you’ve trained for over the last 15+ weeks. 

2.      Get to the race EARLY…it gives you time to get rid of pre-race jitters.

3.      Run with people you love, and support EVERYONE at the race.  We all have an amazing story.

4.      Stick not only to what you know, but the routine you’ve set for yourself.  I always lay my clothes out the night before, and have my fuel bag packed so all I have to do it get up and GO.  I could tell you what works for me, but we are all very different…

5.      Have fun!  Serenade your running partners if you see them struggling…trust me, this works…LOL. 

6.      In those last few miles when you want to quit, shut your mind OFF, embrace the scenery, and PUSH yourself…even if it’s a training run, ALWAYS PUSH YOURSELF to the limits you have set. 

7.      You will have aches and pains…DUH…running anything over a handful of miles isn’t easy.  But no one said this would be EASY.  Take the time to stretch out if needed, but never, ever let yourself succumb to the wonkiness.  Yes, I just said wonkiness. 

8.      Lastly, appreciate the spectators, volunteers, and fellow runners.  There is nothing better than a ‘thank you, good job, or way to go’ heard and told by everyone!  Oh, and don’t say, “you are almost there!” to folks who still have a couple miles to go…WAIT til the last mile, when this statement is actually true.  J

Next off…I need a new name for my blog.  Here in 20 days I WILL have completed 26.2 before I am 40 but want to continue to write and hopefully inspire my fellow runners, family, and friends.  Ideas?  GO! 

Thirdly, I will admit that walking was a struggle today.  Yes, walking…LOL.  I got out of the car after my 1 hour commute and had a hard time walking into work.  I was the comedy relief at work today and got numerous comments from, “Do you need a walker?” to “Is there something impaled in your behind?”  BAHAHAH! 

BUT…when I came home and checked the mail, I saw THIS:

Heck, freakin’ yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow I will attempt a short short, SHORT 2-3 mile run and see how it goes.  I thanked God for the thunderstorms today because recovery miles were just not in the cards for me today. 

T-20 days people….get ready for some daily banter and anxiety!!!!!!!  I can’t wait!

My goal is 4:45, but I am realistic that I may not be able to keep my 20 mile pace up…but I have faith…yes…and hope…Who has the pixey dust???

Future races include the Dick Pond Cocoa 8-miler on 10/13, and the Hot Chocolate 15K on 11/4!  I plan on keeping my races steady, but smaller until spring time hits.  I still can’t say if I will be in the “one and done” club, or if I will attempt a second marathon.  If I choose to do a second, I know it will be the Fox Valley FULL next year!  YAHOO! 

Thanks to everyone for your amazing support.  Seriously.  I am in awe and in tears still after reading the comments and reliving yesterday’s race.  It truly was amazing.  xoxo

7 thoughts on “T-20 days…WHAT?????????”

  1. You have an 8 mile race the week after Chicago. You go girl! I'll be in recovery mode & cheering our run club while they race the murfreesboro, tn 1/2 marathon.


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